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    Cotons mom

    Could a few of you tell me the names of websites that I can order raw frozen off of please. I want to stay within the 4 or 5 star food. I don’t want to have to order huge amounts because I like to rotate brands and protein. Also how would I know if there was something else that I need to give to my 1 y/o cottons in addition to the food. We don’t give treats. How do you all feel about adding fresh beans/veges to their food?

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    Marilyn E

    I’ve been feeding Darwin’s for 2 years and am very pleased with the quality. ( I have a standing monthly order, and it arrives by UPS. They send return labels so you can ship the boxes back, which is Eco friendly. If I don’t get around to taking them to UPS, I just leave them out on the next delivery day and the driver takes them. Darwin’s has 2 lines of food, one is free range, no hormones or antibiotics; the other is human grade, USDA inspected. Darwin’s is an complete diet–includes veggies, organ meats, ground bone.
    To answer the other part of your question: I supplement the raw with probiotics, coconut oil, omega 3s, and Spirulina-Astizanthan (Mercola Healthy Pets online). I do feed treats cuz I don’t know how you train without it, but if I don’t use meat leftovers, I use high quality treats, such as freeze-dried liver, Real Meat brand dog treats, or ZiwiPeak dehydrated raw food.

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    Nancy C

    Marilyn: Great info. thank you.
    My into order of DARWINs is in the freezer. I transitioned my 10 1/2 yr old Golden Retriever to Big Dog Natural dehydrated raw first. It is fermented and green tripe is in every meal; both help digestion. My homeopathic vet recommends BOTH these raw brands on his site, also feeds them to his dogs and he suggested the Big Dog Natural would probably be easier to digest cold turkey. Our dog transitioned beautifully without a loose stool, diarrhea or any transitional symptoms. Was a piece of cake and she loves the food. BDN is a very small company and the Customer Service is great. Ask for Chris. The number is on the website. After several weeks on BDN we will move to DARWINS as part of rotation. it is true raw & I anticipate no troubles. Their website is great and people seem to like the food.
    There are several other raw foods I plan to use: ANSWERS Raw food, OC Raw, VITAL ESSENTIALS, & Hare Today. All have websites. There are other good ones! These suggestions come from the generous, helpful posters at DFA. (I really don’t have much experience but have studied raw all summer.) Best of luck. Hope this helps.

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    Well Nancy C., look at you giving advice and helping people out!! 🙂 You’re one of us now! Ha ha!! 😀

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    I’ve also used Darwin’s, Hare Today and My Pet Carnivore. I love to order from MPC and they also have a home delivery / pickup route, which I’m on. Pickup nets me all I want for $10.00. You can also order some raw from I’ve ordered NV from them, which ships frozen in an insulated container with dry ice for no additional charge than regular shipping (free with minimum purchase).

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    I’m not happy with the new Darwin’s, don’t like that they’ve raised the fat. I personally don’t see the need for fruits or veggies in Boone’s raw so he gets grinds from Hare Today or Reel Raw.

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    Participant sells frozen raw tripe/organs products and other things. You can locate some retailers that carry the GreenTripe products.

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    AL D

    Who has the best shipping service?

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    If you live in Texas there is Texas Tripe. They have set delivery routes through a lot of Texas (not west Texas). They sell grinds and raw meaty bones. I also order from Hare Today.

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    I order in bulk with a local raw feeding group and the products come by frozen truck. The products have been frozen every time I buy it.

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    Marla J

    To Marilyn E.
    Thanks for the advice about Darwin’s. I have an introductory order coming soon. also, I used to hand out treats all the time to train my dogs, and then I found These trainers live in my city, but they have a training package with DVD you can order online which teaches you great stuff on how to train through leadership vs treat dispensing. I love it! They are the ones who recommended a raw diet, as they use it for their 8 dogs.

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