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    a c

    I have been dropping off my 5 mo old puppy to Camp Bow Wow doggy daycare so he can socialized with other dogs. It’s very strange that he vomited within 5-10 minutes after I picked him up in my car. This happened 3 out of 4 time he went there.

    The time he didn’t vomit because I told the staffs not to feed him. The first time they feed him their dog food. I didnt realized they are feeding him so I thought maybe he is not used to their food. So I packed his food from home second time, but he still vomited. Vomits were pretty much in solid undigested form.

    I told the stuffs about the vomit. I was told maybe he was so excited over there??? It doesn’t make sense to me. 3 out of 4 is too much coincidence. Any thoughts?

    Btw. He never vomit at home.

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    Hi ac,
    tell the Doggy Day Care to PLEASE DO NOT feed him within 2 hours when he’s due to go home in car… Vomiting un-digested food either means the Doggy Day Care have just feed him before he was picked up, they’re probably feeding him 20-60 mins before you come to pick him up then with the drive home he’s getting car sick ?? This happpens with some rescue dogs when they’re have eaten then I have to take them somewhere in the car they start to drool, salivate then some vomit up food in their cage or some just vomit yellow bile & have nothing in their tummies they get car sick….
    How you’ll know if he gets car sick, he’ll start mouth licking, swollowing & water starts to come out of the side of mouth they Salviate….
    Does he go in the car much or just when he goes to Puppy Day Care?? cause when I first rescued Patch he wouldnt get in the car it took 2 of us to get him up into the cage in my car then I realise he feels sick & gets car sick, so I started taking him for 5min drives around the block, parks & to the Pet Shop etc to get him use to the car & show him the car is good & takes him to good places, now as soon as I say, Patch do you want to come for drive in the car, he’s at the front door waiting for me to put on his harness…but he hates going for 1-2 hr long car trips, so he has to stay home now other wise he whinges & whines the whole way, he’s like a kid saying, “are we there yet, are we there yet” lol or he feels sick then he goes real quiet & lays down…

    What type of Puppy have you got & what’s his name?

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    Hmmm, usually motion sickness occurs after the dog has been riding in the car for at longer than10 minutes, overstimulation sounds more possible. Maybe he is excited to be leaving that place!
    Why are they feeding the dogs? I wouldn’t care for that. I would discontinue taking my dog there, it just doesn’t sound right.
    I wouldn’t accept their explanation for the vomiting………
    Are the staff letting the pups wolf down food? They should know better.
    Obviously, the place is making him sick 🙂

    PS: Does he get carsick when you take him to the vet? By the way the vet can suggest a mild medication to give prior to car trips if the vomiting continues and is diagnosed as carsickness. He may outgrow it.

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    Also, in general, if the pup is eating to fast, I would get him a dome dish to slow him down.

    Example https://www.chewy.com/indipets-stainless-steel-slow-pet-/dp/135949

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    a c

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your reply. His name is Felo(sounds like fellow). He is a black & silver miniature schnauzer.

    I do take him for 5-15 minutes short car rides to the vet’s office, groomer, pet shops, and drop off kids to the school. While he never vomit, he is not willing to lay down and he is panting sometimes. I didn’t noticed him being mouth licking or drooling. Something very strange also because he always vomit onto an old towel that I left at the floor of the car which I can just throw away the towel not have to clean the car.

    “vomiting un-digested food either means the Doggy Day Carehave just feed him before he has picked up…” That’s what I thought. But when I asked them, I was told that they feed him between 12-1pm and I picked him up around 4-5pm. So it really didn’t make sense to me. The only thing that I can think of is that he has free access from the house to the backyard all day at home through a doggy door. At the Doggy day care, he is put up into a crate for lunch and a hour nap time right after that. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the vomit and un-digested food.

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    a c


    Thank you for the suggestion. I think overstimulation may be correct. Most of the time he is not willing to lay down in the car and he pants sometimes. He is a hyper puppy.

    I have no idea why they are feeding him. I didn’t know that until he vomited for the first time. If I have to take up to two weeks to transition him to a new dog food, I don’t know why they think they can just feed him some random food. That’s why I packed our own food the second time. He still eat 3 meals a day.

    I took him there purely for the socialization with other dogs. This is coming to an end because they don’t allowed any dogs over 6 months old not been spayed or neutered.

    Btw. Thank you for your advise on adding some water to the dog food. It really help my older dog who don’t drink much water.

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    @ a c
    You’re welcome.

    At 5 months maybe your pup could go to 2 meals per day? How about a biscuit/snack midday, in lieu of a 3rd meal?

    The water thing is a biggie. I’m afraid that some pet owners actually withhold water so that the dog they doesn’t urinate in the house when they are left alone for hours.
    “Isn’t it wonderful, he can hold it for 10 hours.”

    Sad, that the pet owners don’t understand the potential problems/damage related to this practice 🙁

    PS: They may be feeding him after he has been playing a lot and all revved up.
    I would be worried about bloat and things like that.
    I would tell them one snack/biscuit only, NO meals while he is there.
    It is important that the dog is calm for 30 minutes before and after consuming food.

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