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    Looking to grad switch our 10 wk Vizsla pup off of ‘purina pro plan’ dry kibble ( breeder ) looking for recommendations. I’ve heard have sev brands of kibble and have a rotation. Not sure I understand if grain free is best or just lowest % of grain. Seems like if go grain free could end up with more digestive issues? Help. Thanks

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    For dogs with digestive issues, grain free may be the only change they need to solve the issues, but that doesn’t mean that grain free is right for every dog. I would recommend going over to the review side and printing up the “Best Puppy Foods” list and taking that with you to the stores in your area that sell pet food and see what is available. Take notes on what you find where and for how much. Then pick a few to look further into their reviews and the comments that people have left. If you are still interested buy them to try. Again, take notes on how your pup does on them and cross any off your list that he doesn’t do well on. Then try a few more. When you have foods of a few different protein and starch sources, from a few different brands, that he does great on, you will have a good rotation.

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    I just joined this website and saw your post from Jan 2014 about what to feed your then-10 week old vizsla puppy. My girl is now 7 months and still on Purina Pro Choice – sport. That is what the breeder recommended. I’ve been adding ground beef, turkey, rice, pumpkin and some organic wet food to her kibble. (Not all at the same time). I notice her stools are often soft. She itches the sides of her face against the sofa after every meal, and she occasionally scratches her legs with her mouth. From what I’ve been reading, it might be the kibble. Can I ask what you ended up doing about your pup’s diet? Can’t seem to get any clear cut answer from the vet. The breeder, who kept my girl’s sister, still touts the Purina kibble. Thanks.

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