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    Maybe I have changed too much…I am always on here reading and trying to educate myself on ALL the different dog foods!! Does anyone on here have Yorkies? I need to find a good kibble that they will eat!!! I have found can,freeze dried but no kibble. I probably have 20 different bags of food in my basement ( if my husband only knew the money I have spent )
    I have tried Fromm,Natures Balance, Blue Buffalo, Wellness too many to name. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

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    Maybe you could try topping the kibble with some canned, and mix it up very well… I sometimes make my Rat Terrier mix a “soup” of kibble, canned, and a bit of water, all mushed up together.

    But it would also help us if you list all that you’ve tried, so we know what not to suggest. Also, it may be just a particular flavor they care not about – have you tried several flavors of the same brand?

    Some foods my Bruno likes a lot are Victor (he’s crazy about all of the grain free ones except the salmon), Earthborn Holistic Grain Free (Coastal Catch at the moment), and he liked his Dr. Tim’s and Nutrisca too. He also loves Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit (the cat food though…)

    So if you tell us more about what you’ve tried, maybe we can help you better.

    Another thing is, sometimes, you can let your dog “starve it out” for a day or two (but not too many more, if any at all really), then they’ll just eat what’s available if they’re hungry. Now, if they REALLY hate it and won’t eat after 2-3 full days (depending on the dog size), then maybe you can do something about it – give them what they like or try a new food.

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    I have a yorkie and he loves to eat. I did have him on kibble but I have discovered that canned is better so now he’s on just canned with supplements. Yorkies are usually small and don’t eat much if they like canned and freeze dried why do u want them on kibble?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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