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    Daniel H

    Last year on January 26th me and my wife were fortunate enough to adopt an 8 week old Cavachon puppy. When we got him the rescue group had him on diamond naturals puppy food which we continued to use until he was a year old this November. He did very well on the diamond naturals and seemed to like it although he has never been a scheduled meal eater he has been more of a grazer. A few months before he turned a year old he started getting finicky about eating the diamond naturals. We left on a vacation for a few days and he stayed with my parents. My mom was worried because he really wasn’t eating so she gave him a little of the 4health canned food that she feeds her dogs and he ate his whole bowl. When we got back I wasn’t really to happy that she started him on wet food but I know it is good for them to have some variety and my mom has always fed wet and dry food so I wasn’t going to get to bent out of shape. Ever since then we have been searching for a food that he will eat consistently. He quickly started to turn his nose up to the 4health and diamond naturals so we started searching for solutions. I went online and ordered some samples of different dry foods. I ordered fromm samples, redpaw samples, evangers samples, nutrisource samples, and solid gold samples. He turned up to every single one except the solid gold barking at the moon. So I immediately went out and picked up a 4 pound bag. He seemed to really like it he was eating it with and without wet food (nutro tubs we found he liked them). That lasted about 2 months and then he would no longer eat the barking at the moon. I figured maybe he wants a variety so I contacted solid gold. They were fantastic to deal with and were very nice they sent me some samples of other formulas that they have as well as a coupon for one free 4lb bag of whatever flavor I wanted. So we ended up going away from the barking at the moon to the sunday sunrise lamb and cold waters salmon. We paired the lamb with beef nutro wet food and salmon with chicken nutro wet food. We would also put the chicken with the lamb but he would not eat the beef with the salmon. He has been doing well for months and now we are getting back into the mode where he is turning his nose up to almost any of the combonations that we put down. I don’t want to keep switching his food, I am ok with a rotational diet and think it is good for him to get a variety of food but I kind of am at the point where I don’t really know what to do should I stick with the same stuff and he will come back around to eating it should I try to switch? I contacted Diamond pet foods and they are sending some samples I figure maybe try the diamond naturals again but I hate to buy all these bags of food and have them go bad. If I could donate them after they were open that would be fine but our local humane society wont take them if they have been open which I guess is understandable. I have also tried the Solid gold wee bits bison and there chicken formula and he will not eat either no matter what wet food we use. I did buy there duck formula but haven’t opened it yet because I don’t want to waste it. Luckily our local pet supplies store has the 4 pound bags on sale for $10 and solid gold has a coupon on their website for $7.50 off a bag if I was buying it at $16 a bag I wouldn’t be very happy right now. I am just looking for some advice I really don’t know what else to do if anyone has any options I would appreciate any help or guidance. Thank you in advance.

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    Paula V

    Hi Daniel, my Malamute / Shepard went through the same thing. He has been on the same food now for 3 years and loves it. He has never left a bowl. I believe because it contains chicken, beef, lamb and salmon he gets all flavours so not boring.

    You can only get it online, but shipping is free so takes away the hassle of going to store too :).

    Check out the ingredients at
    I have a $5 off coupon code you can add during checkout if you like – (41027-1025 )

    Let me know if you have any questions – this has amazing ingredients.

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    Hi Daniel,

    After a lot of trial and error, we found our very picky maltese prefer freeze dried and dehydrated, to which water is added. It’s pricier than kibble or canned but much more palatable, and also healthier since it’s not highly processed.

    Freeze dried ours will eat:
    Stella and Chewys
    Northwest Naturals
    Tru Dog
    Vital Essentials
    Most available from Chewy

    They also love Only Natural Niblets Venison and Liver but they’ll eat all the flavors. There’s an excellent sale on the chicken now.

    We buy the smallest bags possible, including sample bags, because the variety keep them interested in meals, plus it’s healthier. We also add probiotics and enzymes to the food to maximize nutrient absorption, strengthen immune system and minimize stomach issues.

    Dehydrated foods:
    Chewy sells these small sample bags of Dr. Harveys to try:

    Honest Kitchen sells sample bags of their dehydrated food. My pups like this less than Dr. Harveys but some pups really love it.

    We give Real Meat Food Co. when we’re in a hurry. It’s an air dried food made from grass fed, free range meats…..much less processed than dry and much more palatable. They love it. We buy the sample packs so it’s easy to rotate. Wellness Core has also has an air dried that’s very palatable but not as high quality as Real Meat Food Co.

    Sometimes we do homemade for variety and add a premix.

    Lastly, we always put toppers on food to entice eating….they can include their favorite treats like freeze dried Orijen, Stella and Chewy, Lakse Kronch Wild Salmon or lean meats, egg yolk, a sprinkle of parmesan, goat cheese, etc.
    Chewy has a nice variety of healthy treats. Mine love the freeze dried type.

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    You helped create a picky eater, by letting him graze. Tough love is what you need: choose a food, put it down & leave it for 20min. After that, pick it up & he gets nothing else til the next meal. It’s hard but letting him continue to be picky but its what will continue to happen.

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