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    adi g

    Hi, does anyone know if one or more of the brands listed on editor’s choice are vegan or vegetarian? is there somewhere a review about meat free nutrition for dogs?

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    Adi- You won’t find vegan dog foods on the EC list simply because DFA puts a high value on high quantities of meat in dog food because of a dogs carnivorus bias and nature.

    You can find reviews for different vegan dog foods like V-Dog however, they will always be low rated because they have no meat content.

    While I disagree that dogs should be fed a vegan diet, I will suggest that you could speak with a veterinary nutritionist about vegan dog foods and see if they have any recommendations. Wysong makes a vegan dog food and it is formulated by a vet named Dr. Randy Wysong. I happen to really like his products and if I was completely backed into a corner with my dog and he had to be fed vegan thats probably the food I’d use.

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    Hi Adi,

    I just searched on Pubmed and this is a recent publication looking at vegetarian diets for dogs and cats.

    If you have a vet that is a member of AVMA you could ask him/her to get the article for you vs paying for it. Maybe it would be of help.

    I’d approach vegetarian diets as I would any other diet. Who formulated the diet and what are their credentials. Is there a veterinary nutritionist on staff? Dose the company do feeding trials? What quality control measures are in place. etc.

    You can find information on how to pick a diet here:

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    adi g

    Thank you guys. I have found a review of Natural Balance Vegetarian dray food
    Although it was given only 2 stars, i’m gonna give it a chance and hopefully soon the editor will discover the benefits of vegetarian/ vegan food for some dogs and give us a fair review of the options out there 🙂

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    Glad you found something. Personally I would not use Natural Balance. It’s now owned by Smucker’s (yes the people who make jam). I would worry about quality control issues and possible recalls. You are more than welcome to give it a shot, I just think there are probably better vegan foods out there.

    A lot of people like V-Dog and as I said I would use Wysong Vegan if I had to.

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