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    My almost 3 year old Shi- Chon has been dealing with a UTI for 1 year. Two Vets later, and numerous Ultrasounds, Antibiotics, she had a Quarter Size Bladder Stone(Struvites) surgically removed, the Dr. still has her on Ciprofloxacin twice a day for the next 7 months, he also told me to put her on Cranberry D Mannose, due to her being prone to UTI’s. I have her on both now.
    My Vet suggests that I put her on a Special Prescription food Diet , that only the Vets sell.
    Everything that I have read says that Prescription diet dog foods only help to dissolve stones, they don’t prevent them, and if the dog is prone to UTI’s this special food won’t cure the problem.
    I’m worried about the long term effect of Ciprofloxacin to my dog, he did say it was safe, but I’m not sold on that, just like the expensive Special Prescription Dog Food they want to sell me. Has anyone dealt with a situation similar to this?

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    I have never had one of my own dogs have bladder issues, but I’m boosting this up where others will see it.

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    I’ve had a dog have struvite crystals, not stones so I’m not that helpful. Go to dogaware.com and do a search there, pretty sure Mary Strauss. You can email her there.

    I do know it’s very important to get liquid into your dog. Raw, canned, dehydrated or cook would be better than dry. Add water to her food & make sure she has ample opportunity to urinate.

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    Thank You all for your feedback.
    I have been researching homemade meals, and I’m thinking that is the way to go.

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    You definitely want to feed food with a lot of moisture. Raw would be ideal, next best thing is dehydrated like honest kitchen, followed by grain free canned.
    I use this remedy when on of my dogs develop a UTI. Raw goats milk (I use answers brand, it has to be unpasteurized, 1/2-1 cup depending on the size of the dog), mixed with cranberry extract (naturvet cranberry relief) and 2 teaspoons of d mannose powder, mix it together and serve. It seems to clear up their UTI’s overnight.

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