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    Our spayed female great dane has struggled to maintain healthy weight all of her life. She’s about 7 now and has really bottomed out this time. Excessively thin she free feeds and eats 4star food (Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice puppy). She has arthritis so we like that she isn’t overweight but she looks terrible. I found a product by GNC http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12644923&cp=10772793.12946231 but it lists sugars and oils as the first ingredients. Doesn’t seem like a healthy way to gain calories…Any suggestions?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Have you spoken with your vet about this to rule out any health problems?

    If all health problems have been ruled out you may want to try making her satin balls. I know many people who have successfully put weight on their dogs with satin balls and they’d be healthier than that gel.

    Here is a recipe:


    More here:


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    I have used satin balls in the past with great results. My latest thing to use is Abady granular dog food. At 800 calories per cup, it adds weight without a huge amount of volume in the stomach. I would also recc a complete vet check, including a test for Addisons, which can cause a dog’s weight to wax and wane.

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