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    We’ve been feeding Loki, our, now 5mo Rott/GS mix, a raw food diet since we brought him home from the shelter at 3 months; been serving him mainly Stella & Chewy’s and also Primal Canine, he seems to love it, all varieties. Recently, our local Pet Food Express gave us an individual sample of “Tucker’s”, a new product they carry from a “local, USA company” and “the hook” was that it was “$10 less” per bag…!!! They have a very positive, “pat yourself on the back” web-site and Loki had no problem “wolfing” the sample down, either; was wondering if anyone else here has heard of them and tried their products, and if you have any feedback to share on your experiences….THANKS in advance, looking forward to any replies…!!!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    My local pet food store recently started carrying this too – I didn’t look too much into it because for some reason I was think it was HPP…but I don’t see anything about this on their website. Judging by their website it appears that it’s made with very high quality ingredients and that the company has a great system of quality control protocols in place. The two things that would prevent me from feeding this brand exclusively is that every formula contains pork – I don’t like continuous exposure to the same protein source, I think it increases the odds that the dog will develop a sensitivity to that particular protein source. The other thing I don’t like is that it relies heavily on synthetic vitamins and minerals to supply necessary nutrients. All it contains is meat, bone and pumpkin so they have to add a vitamin/mineral pre-mix to balance it. If they were to include organ meat and other nutrient-dense whole foods (i.e. a great variety of fruits and vegetables, eggs, “superfoods” like kelp, alfalfa, etc.) they could rely less on synthetic supplements and, if they were really careful about their formulation, eliminate the need for synthetic supplements all together. Ultimately, it looks fine to use in a rotational feeding plan with other brands but I wouldn’t recommend feeding it exclusively.

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    One of my favorite pet stores sells bones by Tucker; wonder if its the same company?

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