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    I’ve been searching around for tripe that I cold locally get and I for no end can not find a supplier. I researched online and found but my god they are way to expensive. They want you to order 20lbs minimum at which 5lb tubes @ 17.80 per. Then they want 13.00 for packaging and also 33.00 for shipping. To order the minimum of 20 lbs you’re looking at a total 117.00. That’s Nuts!!! I found one or two other suppliers online that are basically around the same price.

    So, I was wondering how do you cut tripe out of a freshly killed animal? I couldn’t really find much information on this. My whole family are big hunters, we go after venison mostly and all these years we throw away all the stomach contents along with most of the organs other then the liver and heart we keep. So if anyone knows how to extract tripe or what you exactly keep that would be great. Thanks 🙂

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    PetKind Tripett Original Formula Green Beef Tripe Canned Dog Food. They also have venison & lamb tripe. On

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    You might contact some pet boutique stores or feed stores that carry frozen foods and see if they carry the product. Also, freeze dried tripe is usually available online and in stores. You might also consider joining your local raw feeding group. They probably have contacts for raw foods and might do group bulk orders. I just ordered from with my local group and it came out to be less than $3/lb. Yahoo has a group called carnivore feed-supply. You can join and then post a question about tripe and give your location and any local folks will probably chime in.

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    @zcRiley Yeah, the thing with Trippet is they use carrageenan which for obvious reasons I won’t be feeding to my dog. Petkind does have the other tripes called “That’s It” which doesn’t include carrageenan. I am not wanting to order offline though and it’s hard to find in my area. Thanks though for the help 🙂

    Thanks for the info as well, I just asked to join and been reading a ton on there raw diets information on there page. Very interesting!

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