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    Hi all! I have been feeding Primal grinds mixed with Honest Kitchen for a couple months now. I recently placed and received my first order from My Pet Carnivore. Max has been eating MPC with Honest Kitchen for exactly one week now. He’s had the ground duck, ground lamb supreme mix, and the beef tripe supermix. He has loved it all but his stool is a little soft now. I was wondering if he is just adjusting? I didn’t do a slow transition. He was eating Bravo Chicken & Bone (I ran out of Primal and this is what I could get locally) and the next day I started him on the ground duck from MPC. I can clearly see the difference between the commercial grinds (Primal/Bravo) and MPC. The MPC is so FRESH and REAL in comparison! I don’t think I will be going back unless I’m in a pinch.

    So I guess my question is: do you think the soft stool is just from switching from the commercial grinds to MPC? Should I just wait to see if his stool firms up again? He gets 1-2 tsp of kefir and nature’s logic all food fortifier daily.

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    Has he always got the Honest Kitchen? Has he had duck before? Duck is a naturally oily meat and some dogs get soft stools just from that. If all of it is something he is used to then he shouldn’t need a transition to go from Primal to MPC at all. Different Primal formulas have different fat levels, so I wouldn’t expect that to be an issue, other than if he isn’t used to duck.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, Patty! Yes, he’s always gotten The Honest Kitchen. He has had duck canned food, the S&C Duck Duck Goose (frozen and freeze-dried), and the Primal Duck Formula nuggets but this is the first pure duck grind he has gotten. Do you think I should mix the duck with something less fatty like turkey? Most recently he has had the beef and turkey grinds from Primal and the chicken grind from Bravo. He had the S&C DDG freeze dried sporadically in the last month.

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    That’s what I would try.

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