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    Vianca V

    Im going to clicker train my dogs and wanted to know what was the healthiest possible training treat for them. The currently eat wellness small breed and I am very particular about avoidind chemical, preservatives, as well as red meat with them.

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    Why are you avoiding red meat? For training treats, I recommend real meat, baked or dehydrated, or liver, again, baked or dehydrated. Some use little bits of string cheese. I also use Vital Essentials freeze dried niblets.

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    Sojos new meat treats are pure freeze dried meat. They have proven very popular with the dogs at work, and are healthy without extra fat or carbs. I’m a fan, and they aren’t very expensive for the amount you get in that bag. Beef and Lamb are out for you? but turkey is one as well.

    The brand Real Meat is good and pretty much pure meat. Cloud Star is ok, I use their tricky trainers from time to time. I like Zuke’s but gotta keep an eye on them, they were purchased by Purina, so I’m skeptical of the recipe now. Platos EOS is a nice line as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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