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    Rose G

    How do you find out information regarding the toxins on the food that you review? Lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic… I think this is an important issue. I just had a dog die from cushing, another dog two years ago from liver cancer. These two beloved dogs died at least 2 years prior to their expected age to die. This news story, then leads to an organization (*********** project) that places a couple of the foods I use in the 10 worst category. Help…your site is one that i rely on to choose the best food for my dogs. Now I don’t know what I can trust.


    I also sent this in under your contact form.

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    Dog Food Advosor clearly states it does not test dog foods.

    To test the dog food of your choice, choose one of these labs that will help find what you’re looking for:

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    Rose G

    Thank you for that information. I didn’t expect Dog Food Advisor to test the food for me…I had planned on finding a lab to make sure the food I feed is ok.

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    Jill B

    Rose G,
    Thank you for the information regarding the *********** project. I never knew this project existed!
    -Jill B

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    elaine c

    I feed Answers Pet food google it and yo will not look back! You are right to be very careful!

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    Rose G

    @elainec I looked at that website and it appears their food is a “milk?”

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    Until *** becomes more transparent with its test data and its controversial claims have been verified by an independent third party or by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we ask readers to refrain from posting any further references to this organization or its opinions anywhere on this website.

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