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    Rose G

    How do you find out information regarding the toxins on the food that you review? Lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic… I think this is an important issue. I just had a dog die from cushing, another dog two years ago from liver cancer. These two beloved dogs died at least 2 years prior to their expected age to die. This news story, then leads to an organization (clean label project) that places a couple of the foods I use in the 10 worst category. Help…your site is one that i rely on to choose the best food for my dogs. Now I don’t know what I can trust.



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    Do you have a regular vet that you use and that knows your pets?
    That is who I would ask about this phony baloney crap.
    All kinds of misinformation on the internet, don’t be fooled.

    For science based veterinary medicine go here http://skeptvet.com/Blog/
    Nothing is being sold at that site.
    Find a blog on nutrition and ask a question, chances are you will get some responses, veterinarians tend to participate. If you are new it may take several hours for your question/comment to show up. Good luck.
    My current favorite kibble is Zignature 🙂

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    Hi Rose,
    The best thing you can do for your pets is feed organic raw or organic cooked balanced diet, this way you know where the ingredients come from, but this can become expensive..

    All we can do is just wait till next year when Clean Label Project re test the most popular pet foods & see which pet foods made the worse list & did the pet food companies that made the worse list this year fix the problem & see where they come on the list next year???

    I think it’s excellent what CLP is doing, they’re shaking up these pet food companies
    finally our pets that we love so much have a voice….. Just stick with the pet foods that have 4-5 star ratings & avoid any fish pet foods, they seem to be the worst…just buy & add human grade fish that you would eat yourself to your pets foods…..
    another thing stick with the smaller pet food companies, they seem to source locally & have better quality ingredients…. I really like Canidae & they made the good list..

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    a c

    You are so correct. I don’t know what I can trust either. The more I read the more I am confusing and scared about pet food. Those pet food are made here in the USA!

    CLP test is based on the contamination. When adding the nutritional values to that result, how many pet food will remain on the “good” list? What about pets with special needs such as low fat or low carbs? How many pet food will remain on the “good list”? I wish someone could compile the result to give a more comprehensive overview.

    I have a 9 weeks old puppy( he weights 4 lbs)that I started him on Orijen puppy food 3 weeks ago. According to the CLP test, Orijen puppy food received only one star. Should I change it to something else? If so, what?

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    Rose G

    I don’t think my vet is actually going to know about the toxins. I think this is the elephant in the room. No one is paying attention to this. I’ve been looking at a site that creates raw food, Darwins, and so far they seem to be very high quality; however, I’m on the fence about a raw diet based on other things I have read, including information on skeptvet. My husband suggested that I contact a local lab and have them test the food that we feed our dogs. I don’t know what this costs, but I’m going to research it. That way hopefully I find out the truth.

    The thing about CLP is that we also need to know what their agenda is. I’ve seen some posts that they are funded by people/company that produces lower quality food so that these reports steer us back towards that food. I think the fish aspect of high toxins is probably valid since there is so much in our oceans/lakes that are easily absorbed by fish.

    Thanks everyone for your input…I guess we will all be watching carefully for answers.

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    Hi Rose-

    I would look at Darwins facebook page before considering that company. A lot of complaints about orders being wrong, not shipped, no one from the company answering the phone or emails, quality of the meat going downhill. A lot of folks stopped using Darwins and moved on.

    If you are interested in commercially prepared raw food, Natures Variety is just about the only trustworthy company.

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    We are the Clean Label Project, a nonprofit that identified dangerous contaminants present in popular pet foods. Ask us anything!
    byu/Cleanlabelproject inIAmA

    The Clean Label Project, which ranked pet foods based on relative contamination levels, provides a link to buy even the lowest rated pet food brands via Amazon.com. The organization earns a 4 percent commission from these sales. However, Jaclyn Bowen, executive director of Clean Label Project, doesn’t see this as contradictory…
    (Excerpt from:) http://www.petfoodindustry.com/articles/6498-clean-label-project-earns-from-low-rated-pet-food-sales?v=preview

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    We are the Clean Label Project, a nonprofit that identified dangerous contaminants present in popular pet foods. Ask us anything!
    byu/Cleanlabelproject inIAmA

    From Champion Pet Foods Facebook page (maker of Orijen/Acana)
    “Clean Label Project (CLP) is using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard for drinking water to compare against pet foods. Even if CLP chooses to disregard the National Research Council (NRC) standards which are based on 25 years of peer-reviewed research performed with animals, a more appropriate standard for comparison would be human food, rather than human drinking water”.
    “Naturally occurring heavy metals are found everywhere in nature, including in the foods that you eat each day.”

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    Rose G

    @PitLuv Thank you for the update on Darwin’s and a better source for raw. I will look at this further.

    @anon101 Thank you for those links to Reddit. I saw some of that info yesterday and the red flags went up. That’s one of the reasons I came to this forum to discuss all of this further. And, the reason I will call some labs today to see how much it costs to test the food I feed my dogs. Hopefully it’s not a small fortune!

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    FYI Cleanlabelproject project is not a legitimate source of info. It’s very misleading. All the big Purina brands are highly rated and the expensive brands are low rated.

    It’s a complete sham.

    They did a AMA on Reddit and got torn apart for being frauds.

    They own the labs where they conducted these ‘tests’. They don’t share any info besides there star rating..

    They profit off Amazon affiliate links selling these brands they rated poorly..

    Reddit discussion on shady CleanLabelProject:

    [Discussion] Recent claims by Clean Label Project and Ellipse Analytics
    byu/FozzieKuma indogs

    [News] A toxicology report released yesterday reveals many pet foods have 16 times the amount of lead than the highest levels reported in Flint, MI’s water. (Crosspost from r/YSK)
    byu/Pooch76 indogs

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    Hard not to be skeptical when they won’t offer all the data.

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    I thought Darwins had “gotten their act together” but apparently not. Too bad.

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    They could have. The most recent info I had was from here that there were a ton of complaints on their Facebook page. Not seeing them now, but I didn’t look back that far. They might also be deleting them now that they have ties to PetFooled. I also see complaints on here from 2 months ago.

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    I saw some current ones under “visitor posts” after I read your post. Seems they’re still having issues.

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    Mike Sagman

    Until CLP becomes more transparent with its test data and its controversial claims have been verified by an independent third party or by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we ask readers to refrain from posting any further references to this organization or its opinions anywhere on this website.

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