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    Erika K

    I adopted a one year old Chiweenie about two weeks ago. She was on a low quality food while in her foster home, and once we got her home and on a schedule we noticed she pooped a LOT each day; 5-6 times per day, somewhat loose stools. So we have worked on switching her to something better, currently Natural Balance venison+sweet potato, grain free. She is now completely on this food. However, she is still pooping a lot. Her poop has firmed up to normal texture, but she still goes about 5 times per day. I have never had a dog poop this much! She is small, 10 pounds, and is definitely not overweight. She seems totally healthy otherwise, and her energy level and activity level are normal. I’m wondering if she is somewhat sensitive to fiber content? Any suggestions for a good quality dog food with lower fiber levels?

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    I have a little one that is not overfed that seems to go a lot too (grain-free Nutrisca). Some dogs are just like this, you could try half grain and half grain-free. Stay within the same brand and mix. That might decrease the amount of bowel movements.
    It could be the grain-free, chickpeas and such.
    Hope this helps: Grains aren’t always a bad thing. Are you adding anything to the kibble? I add things, like a spoonful of cooked chopped chicken or srambled egg….

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    The Natural Balance Venison food is fairly low in fiber at 4%. NB does have Duck and Potato at 3% and Taste of the Wild has several varieties at 3%. Most kibbles are at least 5 to 6% fiber.

    Since your girl had loose stool before switching to NB, her gut is probably still adjusting to this new food. Natural Balance does not add probiotics to their food and I suspect the low quality food she was on prior did not have probiotics either. Since her stool is formed now, you may want to give it 2 or 3 months before changing or adding another food to the mix. There is a good chance that once her gut bacteria has had time to get established, she will not have as frequent bowel movements.

    I have personally found it to be beneficial to add a good dog probiotic with multiple strains of bacteria when doing food changes.

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    Mary N

    I think it might be normal, maybe her gut is readjusting to a new diet. It takes some time for changes to occur.

    I don’t know if high fiber can be a problem, usually, dogs with sensitive stomachs should be fed with high fiber.

    Did you see a vet for this problem?

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    Assuming she’s had a fecal done and wormed if necessary, I would consider adding a probiotic and/or enzymes to help her gut re-adjust and settle down a bit.

    One of mine would go 4-5 times a day as a puppy, but as an adult he’s a once-a-day’er.

    How much are you feeding and how many times a day? Sometimes the instructions on the bag are a bit on the high side (or, WAY on the high side) which will result in a lot of poop and a fat dog in a few months time. If she’s inhaling her food, it might be going right through her. A puzzle toy might help (buster cube, etc). Most dogs love these, and most puppies easily figure it out of you move the toy a bit, let them see that movement = food appears. Plus, it’s fun to watch them!

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