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    Natalie C

    Hi everyone!

    I have a super small 4.5month old long hair Chihuahua (3lbs) named Penelope. We found out she had giardia from the moment we brought her home. Our vet prescribed her Panacur for 5 days, we had to wait approximately 4 weeks before retesting her and she still came out positive. I’m unable to go pick up the medication as of yet because we live so far from our vet and my work schedule doesn’t work out. Her poops are good, she eats well, plays well, acts and behaves like any crazy pup would.

    I’ve read online that some puppies are Giardia carriers and i’m starting to think that this is Penelope’s case. Because of the whole giardia scare again and my concerns of commercial dog food, I’ve switched her over to a 50kibble and 50home made feed. She’s currently on RC Chihuahua because her teeth are so small that she’s unable to eat anything bigger. (She tries to steal her brother’s solid gold kibble, but 1 takes her like 3 mins to eat). And her home made food consists of ground turkey, kale, carrots and egg shells. She gets turmeric with coconut oil and salmon oil everyday. And she does get a little bit of kefir as well as a probiotic. And she gets some sardines in her food once a week.

    She’s doing good, gaining weight, but she seems to be pooping significantly less than usual. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? And is there ANYTHING else suggested to get rid of her Giardia?

    Please let me know! Any help would be useful! I’m all ready to sponge up any new information! Thanks again!!!

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    “I’m unable to go pick up the medication as of yet because we live so far from our vet and my work schedule doesn’t work out”.

    I would find a way to get the medication as prescribed by the veterinarian that examined the dog (asap) and continue treatment as recommended. Puppies can go downhill fast when they get sick. Sometimes the veterinarian can call a prescription in to the local pharmacy that you use…..I would make the phone call to the vet’s office to find out.
    Has your other dog been tested? It is contagious. Prescription medication is the only effective way to get rid of it as far as I know, and stubborn cases may take a while. Ask your vet some more questions. Good luck.

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    You can buy Panacur over the counter through http://www.healthypets.com, Costco and Fred Meyer (Kroger in some parts). Also adding fiber and Forti Flora to the diet is also helpful. Did the vet prescribe Metronidazole along with the Panacur? Good luck! Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 rounds of medication to get rid of it.

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    Natalie C

    @anon101 Thank you for your input. My pups show no symptoms, and hasn’t shown symptoms since we got her home over 2 months ago. No diarrhea/soft poops, no lethargy, no loss of appetite, no increase of sleep either and she’s packed on a whopping 2 pounds since she came home to us, which made me start to believe that she may be a carrier of Giardia. I am going to go pick up her medication tomorrow and ask him questions about that. I tried to find a pharm near by to pick up the meds, but our vet told us because she’s so small she needs it in specific measurements and crush it for us. I do plan on bringing my other dog in for a testing tomorrow, but as mentioned before, neither are showing symptoms. Just trying to see if there are any additives I could add to their diets to help get the Giardia out!

    We were actually prescribed Panacur again, and I plan on picking it up tomorrow. Do you think adding Forti Flora and sweet potato into both their diets will be beneficial? Just trying my best to help them the most natural way possible.

    Thanks again for both your replies!

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    Hi Natalie, instead of feeding the Royal Canin Chihuahua, have a look for another kibble with better ingredients, Royal Canine use Beet Pulp, Beet Pulp is an stool firmer, people seem to think their dogs are healthy when their dogs are doing firm poos, so kibble companies like Royal Canine, Hills, Eukanuba all add Beet Pulp to their kibbles so poos are smaller & firm….
    Have a look at “Canidae” Pure or Life Stages kibbles, Canidae uses human grade ingredients & the kibble size is very small, Canidae is also money back guaranteed, Canidae have just release their new “Petite Small Breed” formulas…. http://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products
    “Wellness” also make their Toy breed & Small Breed range…. kibble size is small & there’s no beet pulp in both brands…
    Have a look into “Vitamin C powder”….My boy has IBD & Skin Allergies, I was told start adding Vitamin C powder to his diet but I haven’t brought it yet…. I can buy the “Natural Animal Solutions” Skin Pack that has Omega 3,6 & 9 Oil, + Vitamin C powder + DigestaVite Plus Powder.. or just buy the Vitamin C Powder… I’m still deciding which one to get, have a read what Vitamin C does, it’s a mega complex supplement, it strengthens the immune system, skin allergies, joints, respiratory, bowel, anti-oxidant support… http://naturalanimalsolutions.com.au/Shop/product/high-potency-vitamin-c/

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    Natalie C

    Hi Susan, thanks so much! I’ve been trying to find a better grade food than Royal Canin, but that’s just what her breeder started off with. I tried to introduce Wellness small puppy breed to her about 2 weeks after she came, but the kibbles were too big for her and I ended up having to give it away to the shelter. I will look into Canidae small puppy food and see if the kibbles will be small enough for her, thank you for the suggestion! Also, do you think that adding Vitamin C will help with getting rid of her Giardia? Although she’s showing no symptoms, I would like for that nasty parasite to go away. She’s being prescribed Panacur for 5 days for the second time starting tonight. Any input would be helpful!!! Thank you so much!!

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    “Also, do you think that adding Vitamin C will help with getting rid of her Giardia?”
    It would be best to consult your vet before adding any supplements, you have already indicated that your dog needs pediatric dosages of medication due to her size.

    Risks Associated with Vitamin C
    Even promoters of vitamin C recognize the risk associated with too much vitamin C. Excess vitamin C is excreted through the kidneys, but too much can cause flatulence and diarrhea. This level varies with a dog’s age, size and breed.
    Critics contend that feeding a healthy dog vitamin C is equivalent to feeding thyroid medication to a dog with a healthy thyroid and predict problems with the kidney and liver associated with vitamin C overdose.
    The National Resource Council ran 24 tests on vitamin C in dogs in the 1980s, and all concluded that vitamin C should not be used to supplement a dog’s diet. One of the studies linked supplemental vitamin C with skeletal disease in Labrador retriever puppies. However, the the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), designated the governing body for the pet food industry, labeled these tests invalid in 1994 on the basis that they are too old. (excerpt from https://www.vetinfo.com/vitamin-c-dogs.html)

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    Hi Natalie, here’s a link about “Vitamin C” & you make your own mind up, also my other post the bottom link was about Vitamin C doses, ingredients etc you can email the Naturopath Jacqueline Rudan on the bottom link on my other post & ask her any questions you may have & also ask about Giardia & your dog has no symptoms but is positive can they carry it?? she’ll know more then any of us, the only bad thing vitamin C can do is cause diarrhea when not slowly introduced & given too much…
    I strongly believe in feeding a healthy natural diet & natural supplements, you’ve already on the right track, feeding a healthy diet as you’ve posted, Penelope has already started a healthy life, I would do as Crazy4cats has suggested, she has had a few dogs with Giardia. give another round of Panacur & Metronidazole tablet 21 day course… I think you need to do the 2 drugs to kill this rotten parasite .. Why I posted about vitamin C is its an excellent immune booster when pets are sick & a lot of people don’t realise vitamin C can be given to their pets as long as it’s slowly introduced & it’s the right vitamin C….

    Here’s the beginning of the link below about Vitamin C,
    *Is it necessary to supplement vitamin C since dogs produce the vitamin C in their own bodies. True-but if a dog is stressed or sick their bodies output of vitamin C can quickly be depleted…It has been found that stress both physical (eg fever & infections etc) and emotional (eg stress caused by the change in the environment) is the best known cause of vitamin C depletion in dogs…In addition it has been found that dogs supplemented with vitamin C have stronger immune systems & show greater resistance to DISEASE & better ability to recover from illness or injuries, to read further click on link…

    * Anon101, it’s nilly 2017 not 1980, if vitamin C is so bad then how come in Australia it’s sold for dogs & cats & used as a supplement to strengthen the immune system, skin allergies, natural anti-histamine, IBD, ear infections, teeth & gums, upper respiratory problems, bladder & urinary tract infections, arthritis & other health problems…
    We all know you don’t believe or use any natural health products, you prefer to give hard drugs, that fix one health problem & end up causing other health problems …Just cause you believe in medications it doesn’t mean we all have to go down that track… You mustn’t of had a real sick pet or been ill yourself cause you’d know not all medication work & sometimes it’s the natural supplements that have worked the best and helped humans, animals have less side effects & aren’t hard on the body like the hard medications can be…. The drugs for Giardia are hard awful drugs that can make you feel very ill, nausea & diarrhea, with this all happening the immune system needs to be strong….

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    @OP, I hope your veterinarian continues to be helpful and answers your questions.

    (excerpt below from http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/infectious-parasitic/c_multi_giardiasis?page=2) Parasitic Diarrhea (Giardiasis) in Dogs


     Treatment is typically done on an outpatient basis unless the dog has become sick and weak. Prescription drugs along with bathing are combined to reduce the likelihood of repeat infection and to remove the parasite from the dog’s body. Repeat fecal exams are often required to confirm that the infection has been removed, as an ongoing (chronic) infection can be debilitating for the animal.
    Living and Management
    It is important to observe for signs of dehydration, especially in younger animals. Administering the prescribed medication and taking the animal back in for examination are also important in a successful recovery.
    Since one of the highest incidences of the infection spreading is in a kennel, seek places that offer private spaces for pets in order to avoid contamination from the other animals.

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    Natalie C

    @Susan Thanks for saying what I was somehow unable to say. I have been thoroughly reading every article you provided! It’s been a lot of help and a lot of fun learning about new things for my dogs!

    @anon101, I had a 16 year old Maltese that I’ve had that I loved so dearly. She lived such a happy long life until we caught an inoperable, growing tumor in her gums. We were prescribed medications, I assume steroids, to soothe her pain, and after 4 days on treatment, it looked like the meds were sucking the life out of her, literally. She lay there limp and unable to stand up, or even to look straight and properly. I took her off those meds and she sprung right back up. She eventually passed in my arms, the pain was too much for her. Ever since then, I believe what’s best for my fur kids is a healthy diet and natural healing, or as close too. I don’t mind medication when it’s needed, but if there’s a way to take care of it naturally, I will almost always try it. Thank you for your concern of Penelope. She is now on Panacur for 5 days, with home made food and kibble. Taking some kefir after in case the meds give her an weird tummy. She’s loving everything so far. And my other dog Charlie is on it as well. I also ordered Panacur for a second round online.

    Also, Susan, have you heard of kochi free? Some other doggie forums were talking about trying kocchi free if Panacur did not get rid of the Giardia.

    Thank you everyone for your replies! I really am reading everything and soaking everything in. I just want the best for my babies is all!

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    Hi Natalie-
    I used Kocci Free on my dogs. Honestly, I tried everything and I’m not sure what actually cleared the darn critters finally. I hesitate suggesting alternative remedies because I do not want to cause something bad to happen to someone’s dog because they are controversial. Especially yours being so small. But, here I go: I also fed fresh garlic three times per week, high fiber foods (such as shredded carrots), DE, fermented vegetables and probiotics heavy on the Enterococcus faecium, and digestive enzymes on an empty stomach! Wheeew!!!

    Here is a link for the digestive enzymes treatment: http://www.littlebigcat.com/health/giardia-natural-treatment-protocol/

    Of course, I did not do them all at once. Haha! I do think that two rounds of Panacur five days each about 10 to 14 days apart is the most important thing to do. I’ve also heard that Drontal Plus may work on the buggers if the Panacur does not work. Make sure to use very very hot water and bleach to clean up where she goes potty.

    They are finding that Metronidazole is not as effective as it used to be at getting rid of them, but in conjunction with Panacur it works better. It also helps the diarrhea. Giardia is intermittent and it’s not unusual that she is not having any symptoms right not. That is why it often goes undetected because people think their dogs just got into garbage or something. It is a cyclical parasite. I’m glad she is still doing well because it can cause some dogs to get extremely sick and do damage to their intestines if left untreated for a long time.

    Once your pup has a healthy gut, they are less likely to get Giardia. I’m in the Pacific NW and it runs rampant here due to our mild wet climate. It’s in our dirt, unfortunately. Best of luck to you!

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    Natalie C

    Wow, thanks for all your help Crazy4cats!!! I’ve actually read about the garlic and was a little hesitant at first with it, but she now gets the absolute TINIEST amount minced, mixed in with her homemade food and kibble. I’m not sure if it’s doing anything but I thought it would be worth a shot and it’s being introduced to her ever so slowly.

    I took your advice on the fiber in your earlier post and ran out to get some sweet potatoes and carrots for them! Any other food suggestions would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I’m planning on going to the pet store tomorrow to look for a probiotic for her, but for now do you think Kefir will be okay to eat after she takes her medication? She seems to enjoy it a lot too without any problems.

    My vet didn’t prescribe Metronidazole, so I also ordered a second round of Panacur to give them 10 days after. But i’m probably gonna give intervet a call to figure out the correct dosages for her. And I think i’m going to put the Kochi Free on hold for now until after our next check up with the vet.

    For the poop clean up, I try my best to clean it up asap with a we Lysol wipe and clean her pads 1-2x a day.

    Both dogs are doing great. Eating all their food. No diarrhea, no constipation, solid poops. We’ve decided not to let P out during our nightly potty runs with Charlie. And everyone gets wiped down after every bowel movement, and after every walk.

    If there are any other suggestions that would be greatly appreciated! Hoping to get this annoying bug OUT of my dogs!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Natalie-
    Are you mincing the garlic yourself? It is the allicin being released when you cut or crush the clove that is what kills the parasites. I would cut it and let it sit for about five or 10 minutes b4 adding it to their food. If you buy it minced, it might not be as effective. It sounds like you are being careful with it. That’s good. I along with many others on this site have not had an issue with it.

    Also, in all my research, I’ve never come across Vit C being used to rid the parasite and agree with anon that adding excess vitamins to an already balanced diet is not a good idea unless directed by your vet.

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    Hi Crazy4cats, the Vitamin C is to strengthen the immune system not to get rid of parasites.

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    Kristen L

    Hi. Someone may have touched on what I’m going to say but I didn’t read. My dogs both had giarDia and had almost NO symptoms. Poop was fine, energy, appetite all normal. My other dog that didn’t get tested, did have slimy poop which I read about, but wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t read it. I did three OTC panacura from Amazon. Cheaper! Safe. And the metroziadol once. They say it can be hard to get rid of but I think my dogs eventually just were cured of it. But again, no symptoms, but still had it. Keep giving panacure. I was treating 115 lbs of dogs, you have 14, so it should cost you $8. Good luck.

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