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    harry k

    I have a 1 year old Tamaskan Husky and he is fairly large. I typically feed him NutroMax puppy dog food, but lately my brother has been talking up the raw diet he has been feeding his new Doberman. I was about to switch my dog over to Nutro Wild frontier adult dog food since I’ve been giving him puppy food still, but now I’m considering a raw dog food diet. I looked up some articles online and the opinion on it is pretty split both ways. Anyone who is alot more informed on this please share your knowledge!

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    Patricia A

    On a positive note you don’t have to worry about legumes and potatoes in most of the commercial raw foods.. I feed Primal, Stella Chewy’s and Bixbi Rawbble freeze dried which all got 5 stars by the advisor. Might be more cost effective for you though with the raw frozen patties in these brands. I stick to the proteins which the advisor rates as 5 stars These are the ones with a lower fat ratio .So with Primal I stick to Turkey/Sardine protein and the duck, rabbit and venison. I also rotate with the rabbit and venison in Stella’s. Bixbi Rawbbles is freeze dried and expensive. My 16 year old that has gotten VERY picky so she gets the Bixbi in Beef and salmon/chicken which she loves. I switched slowly and now I can rotate these brands and proteins without a problem.

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    Spy Car

    IMO a balanced PMR-style raw food diet (no plants) is the best thing one could do for their dog.

    The difference in condition and vitality is not subtle.


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    Hi Harry,

    Listen to your brother, a raw diet is the best diet you can feed a dog or a cat..
    Dogs & cats have a short digestive tract, it’s made to digest a raw diet, their intestinal tract was not made to digest a high carb, high fiber dry dog food…

    Over time watch & you’ll see the difference in both your dogs as they age if your dog continues eating a dry diet, your brothers dog will have a shinner coat, more energy, less pooh, he’ll be leaner & not over weight & look healthier…

    Your pup is a large breed dog, his bones are still growing till he’s 18-24months, might be better to feed him his balance “Large breed puppy” dry food until he’s 18months, still give him raw meaty bones as a treat, unless you contact a animal nutritionist who can formulate a raw diet for a growing pup…
    Sky Car knows heaps about raw feeding, he can give some advice…

    Are you on facebook join a few Canine Raw feeding groups,
    also follow “Rodney Habib” & his “Planet Paws” page look at his Video’s
    Also Follow “Steve Brown” when you follow Rodney you will get to know everyone.

    Have you seen all the Toxins Contaminates & Heavy Metals in dry pet foods?
    Google ********************, a site will come up they test the most popular dry wet treats

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    Spy Car

    To follow up on what Susan wrote above, when my (now 4.5 year old) Vizsla was a pup, we fell in with an informal group of fellow dog owners who met up almost daily in what we called our “puppy club.”

    Although our meet-ups are far less frequent than they used to be, we still get together from time to time.

    The way my dog has aged vs his classmates is quite obvious to all. He is the only one who is raw fed (and has been since he was 8 weeks old).

    You get better teeth, better coat, less body-fat, more muscle, and gleaming vitality. The differences in condition are not subtle.


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