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    I have a chocolate lab retriever who will be 6 months on August 1. It seems like since we got him about every other month he has diarrhea. We started him out on eating Pedigree puppy chow. He was having diarrhea for a week and nothing was physically wrong with him. The vet prescribed a probiotic and some pepto which worked for a while until we were done with the pills then it started again. Then the vet thought it was because he was eating grass or because he was allergic to beef. We weened him off of Pedigree and started him on the Science Diet (which was lamb and rice). He has been on the Science Diet (and diarrhea free) for 3 months and yesterday started with the diarrhea again. And I read that the Science Diet is not a good food for dogs to eat. If any one has any pointers for me that would be great! I’m a little lost right now..

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    First, read the whole thread on Large and Giant Puppy Nutrition. Next, Swanson’s has cheap but good probiotics that you can order online. Look for Dr Stephen Langers probiotics and while your there get some digestive enzymes to use until this issue is sorted out. Finally, ask your vet to send a stool sample to the lab for analysis, they catch things that your vet may have no way of finding. Good Luck!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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