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    Rachel J

    Purina Proplan is the only food I’ve seen recommended in light of the DCM issue, yet it has a pretty bad rating here. There’s got to be more options- it’s not like Purina has been a shining light of dog nutrition in the past (remember the Beneful debacle?). I’m not a conspiracy buff, but I sure hope Purina hasn’t had a hand in the media frenzy on DCM. Also makes me wonder when these “high quality” companies are going to come out with a statement on DCM, and provide new grain inclusive formulas??

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    Nadia K

    I was feeding Proplan to my puppy only because that is what the breeder was giving her. But about a month ago she just refused to eat it. I switched her over to the Farmina low ancestral grain lamb. She absolutely loves it. I am planning on trying the cod flavor next as she loves anything with fish.

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    Judy K

    In Dog Advisor’s release today you wrote “The Food and Drug Administration has named 16 dog food brands with an
    increased risk of a type of canine heart disease known as
    dilated cardiomyopathy… or DCM.”
    This is not an accurate statement. The recent FDA update did NOT say the 16 named brands had “increased risk”…. Dogs within this limited and inconclusive study were reported as having eaten raw.. home cooked.. grain.. no grain.. canned. Of course some of the top popular brands would be among those.
    What is especially unfair about the naming of brands is several of the top most reputable brands known for consistency of quality in all aspects. Most of which also
    Produce multiple blends, several without peas, lentils or potatoes in the top ten ingredients. Ppl need only select a blend they feel most comfortable feeding.
    Whether intended or not, naming the brands will likely do great harm to some of the best companies with the best track record right here named as such on Dog Food Advisors.
    But again to be clear… FDA did NOT state the brands had increased risk for causing DCM.
    Perhaps a retraction is warranted.

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    Theresa O

    I just put my 15 year old Llasa down this year. He was very ill with congestive heart disease. I had been feeding him Rachael Rays grain free because of his allergies for years. I just discovered this may have been the cause or contributed to his disease. Stay away from this food. I know he was old but he was still a puppy to the day I had to put him down.
    So sad food like this is allowed on the market.

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