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    Joanne T


    i’m helping my sister to research some possible dry dog foods to switch her dog onto. she has a mixed breed, 8.5 years old, with no known allergies

    i’m considering between Taste Of The Wild and Canine Caviar. some reasons for this:
    – 2 of the few available higher quality dry dog food that i can get my hands easily on
    – grain-free
    – no rosemary extract

    some others that i did consider were Addiction, Timberwolf and Natural Balance but they either have questionable ingredients, or seem to have not so good reviews from users.

    would appreciate any comments and advise on either of the 2 mentioned food, or options for other brands.

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    I’ve never fed Canine Caviar, but know of some people that have, so hopefully they chime in when they see this.

    I’d never feed Taste of the Wild as it is a diamond brand.

    Natural Balance is A. Owned by Del Monte so that is questionable for sourcing and ingredients, and B. Low in protein for my liking

    Timberwolf looks pretty nice, but I’ve never used it, it’s not very available to me, I believe they are severed from Diamond at this point?

    Addiction is on the low end of protein I’d feed, but haven’t honestly known of anyone who feeds it.

    So, my answer: The two widely available foods (Nat Bal and TotW) I won’t go near, the other three are all a bit less common, so I don’t have a lot of experience there. But there are many other grain frees I do recommend

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    I’m not a kibble feeder but there are a number of posters on this site that feed Canine Caviar and seem to like it, I imagine, or they wouldn’t be feeding it. I don’t recall anyone actually advising anyone to feed Taste of the Wild. If forced to feed kibble, and forced to feed one of those two foods, I guess I would have to choose Canine Caviar because of the more favorable reviews from long time posters on this site.

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    Of the 2, CC is definitely better than TOTW.

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    Joanne T

    Hi Aquariangt & everyone else,

    Would love to have some recommendations on which kibble is good to consider

    I had fed my own dog Wellness Core for a very very short period and perhaps it was a fluke (or there is maybe there is some truth to the rosemary extract-seizure trigger controversy), but just shortly after switching her onto wellness core, she started having seizure. So im not too keen on recommending my sister to try any kibble that has rosemary extract

    What about the Merrick brand? I read some good reviews abt it but the latest comments all seem to be bad..

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    Joanne T

    Been looking through all the recommended dry food (the list is staggering and overwhelming 🙂 but really awesome) and Timberwolf’s Lamb Grain Free is starting to look pretty good.

    i’m just not sure if it’s paranoia that is holding me back because of the Rosemary ingredient.

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    Hi Joanne,

    I’m not a Merrick fan, but know others who do who haven’t had issues. Personally, I chose not to use their products.

    You can only get Timberwolf via mail order and that might be inconvenient for your sister. I once ordered some samples of Timberwolf and was disappointed that the samples I bought were so close to expiring and that the ingredients were different that those listed on the website. Maybe I bought my samples in between the updating of the website or something. Either way, I chose not to use it further.

    Personally, if one of my dogs had ever had a seizure, I’d avoid rosemary at all costs. There is enough evidence to support that it can cause seizures in those dogs that are seizure prone.

    Like I said before over on the review side, I’ve always like Canine Caviar. They’re in the process of changing some recipes. So, if you go that route, I’d make sure to look at the new foods and be sure that’s what you’re using because the old formulas will no longer be available soon.

    Will your sister be feeding a rotational diet? I feed both of my dogs a rotational diet of all kinds of kibble, canned, dehydrated, raw and fresh, whole foods. That’s one of the ways I satisfy my passion for trying all those great foods that are available out there! Plus, it provides a more complete nutritional profile and limits exposure to less desirable ingredients – especially ingredients like carb sources; ie: grains, potatoes, peas and other legumes.

    Edit: I was just recalling that I believe Timberwolf may be available in some retail outlets. I live in the Chicago area and have never seen it in a store near me.

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    Please don’t suggest any foods that contain any form of rosemary in it. Rosemary and Rosemary extract have been known to trigger seizures in seizure prone dogs even if they’ve never had a seizure before. There have been studies that have confirmed this for humans. My step daughter has suffered from epilepsy after a car accident many years ago and she was told to avoid rosemary. She, of course, is on seizure medication because hers were constant and severe. No studies, to my or my vets knowledge, have been done so far on canines and due to the cost may never get done. I know vets do site the human studies and feel that it’s probably best not to feed a dog with seizures or possibly seizures in the canine family background rosemary and rosemary extract with the thought that this would also carry over into the canine world. If home cooking or giving dogs leftovers for meals they should not contain any rosemary either. Why chance it. Better safe than sorry as the saying goes.

    A good kibble that doesn’t contain rosemary (but please double check any and all recommendations) is Nature’s Logic. I know the sardine formula doesn’t contain it.

    Nature’s Variety Instinct kibbles do contain rosemary and/or rosemary extract so please do not recommend that kibble. I do feed the Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Foods but they don’t contain rosemary. At least not the ones that I feed.

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    These are my favorite dry foods: Farmina, Annamaet, Dr. Tim’s and Nature’s Logic

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