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    Toby B

    I have a few questions regarding switching and/or combining different dog foods. I feed 1/2 dry kibble 1/2 canned food combo to my dog. (he has no food allergies)

    1) Regarding the canned food, can I switch up different protein for my dog throughout the week? For example, one day I give a can of lamb, the next day I give chicken. Do I need to titrate and slowly transition into another protein group like I do with changing different brands of dry kibble?

    2) I use Merrick canned foods, they have a lot of variety of flavors/selections, is it ok to try a new flavor each day if it’s within the same line (backcountry line)?

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    I mix things up all the time, but I tend to stay with one or two brands of food (kibble included) and use different toppers.
    However, it depends on the dog. Some dogs don’t tolerate food changes well, some are fine.
    So, I would proceed cautiously and try different things and see…..
    You will know if it’s not a good idea if it results in GI distress such as loose stools or occasional regurgitation/vomiting after eating.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Toby B:
    I also feed canned mixed with kibble for most of my dog’s meals. I rotate different proteins both within the same and different brands of canned food a few times a week sometimes more. I rotate kibble brands with different proteins about every three months at this time. My dog does very well on this feeding regimen. He has no need to transition to different foods regardless if it’s fresh, raw, canned, or kibble; I switch cold turkey each time.

    As anon101 suggests give it go and observe how your dog does. Good luck!

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    Hi Toby, once your dog gets use to eating anything & his stomach becomes stronger he should be fine. I have a dog with IBD, sensitive stomach & skin allergies, so I have to stick with 1 protein & sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrot etc & get him use to it & make sure he’s not reacting & having with sloppy poos, red itchy paws & skin (he can’t eat chicken). I don’t feed wet can foods, I cook it works out cheaper & you know what they are eating & it’s freshly made, then I freeze in sections.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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