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    Just curious how/what every one is feeding these days. In other words, mainly all dry, all raw, 50-50 etc.

    We have gone from about 75% dry/25% raw/toppers/canned etc to just the opposite. We feed more raw than dry now.

    Favorite dry foods to rotate-Acana,Nature’s Variety, Hi Tek, Nutrisource, and a few others sporadically.

    Whose next?

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    I would say 75% raw/25% processed of some type (kibble, canned, dehydrated). Tonight’s dinner is just tripe with a little canned food just to mix in some supplements.

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    I’m doing 100% dry until she’s 2 y.o. after that I’d do raw homemade (unless I am dazzled by THK). I do not buy Susie treats, instead I give her frozen liquefied fruits and veggies and bone broth.

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    I’m doing 100% raw. They seem to do best on raw. I’m not messing with a good thing. It’s taken me too many years and too many grey cells to get to this point. There’s no going back now. Also vet loves how healthy and great they look.

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    I hope to feed her 100% raw at one point. I am still learning about it.

    dchassett, what is your opinion on The Honest Kitchen food as an alternative to 100% homemade raw?

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    I happen to think that The Honest Kitchen is a fabulous food. It’s not a raw diet. It’s dehydrated. You add water to it and let it rehydrate. It’s the only non raw food I feed my dogs. The Honest Kitchen is one of only two pet foods that can legally say they are 100% USDA human grade food, mostly organic fruits and veggies made in a human food plant. They other is Weruva canned foods. Weruva can no longer guarantee that their cans have no BHA so I don’t use them, besides the bha they also contain carrageen (sp?). I always keep The Honest Kitchen on hand in case I have forgotten to defrost raw. Typically I keep Zeal on hand. One of my dogs is allergic to ingredients in their other formulas. Another of their formulas that is good is Preference. All it’s missing is the protein so you an add any protein you want. It’s also good for a change for them to lower their fat intake. Raw has a high fat content. Darwin’s (a home delivered only raw food) has the lowest fat content that I am aware of. I rotate everything with my dogs. Food, supplements, oils, etc. Whatever ingredient they may be missing or low on one product I’m hoping they’ll get from the next. Also I feel it gives them a healthier gut and immune system.

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    Hi Kvee. I should also add that although initially raw (at least commercial raw) may seem more expensive than kibble, you feed much less raw than you would kibble so that makes up for a lot in the cost. Also it’s astounding how fewer visits you make to the vet which is always incredibly expensive. Since my dogs have been eating raw they only go to the vet for their annual physicals. My older girl (14 1/2 year old Maltese has hypothyroidism so she goes ever six months for a thyroid panel check).

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    At the moment we feed Bruno about 75-80% dry mixed kibble and about 20-25% additives: pumpkin, yoghurt, cottage cheese, flax seed meal, coconut oil/butter, canned sardines, and one raw egg/week and an RMB/week (right now I rotate between chicken backs and pork neck bones).

    With the amount of dry food brands I want to rotate between, if I don’t mix it would probably take AT LEAST 1/2 of Bruno’s life to go through all of them ONCE, if not more time than that. There are many high-quality kibbles out there and he seems to adapt well in rotation. He does love his raw too though! 🙂

    It is my husband and I’s dream to own land and a farm one day – doesn’t have to be huge, just enough to raise goats, some sheep, chickens, rabbits, and, if by a lake – ducks and maybe fish. We would like to grow our own fruits and veggies, at least some of them. (I only have 10 fruit/nut trees in mind, no more. LoL Not counting the bush fruit/nut-giving plants.) We would like to hunt our food – deer, ducks, geese, pheasants, rabbits, fish, whatever, and know where our food comes from. So THEN, I would like to be giving maybe 80% or more balanced raw with supplements. I really hope we get there some day. 🙂

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    I’ll have to admit – my dogs are almost all dry, with occasional additions (apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, eggs, fish oils, other supplements). When I move out though, I will probably get into about 75% raw with them, because I love love LOVE the results I’ve seen. But for now, I don’t have the money, resources, or space to start three med-big dogs on raw.

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    I figured out that I feed about 80% kibble, 12% toppers such as canned, raw medallions, dehydrated (THK), sardines and recently eggs. And the remaining 8% is various treats, such as bully sticks, pig’s ears, raw marrow bones, or treat filled kongs.

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    I’m doing 50/50 kibble/raw for meals. All treats are freeze dried or dehydrated meat products.

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    Toothless Gemma is on all canned (Canidae Pure)
    Boone is on all ground meat from Hare Today.
    Ginger is stuck eating all I had for Boone: THK or Darwin’s for breakfast kibble (NL venison
    Right now) with canned (Weruva, hound & Gatos mostly)

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    I’m thinking its 60/40 kibble & raw. With limited options for kibble the add ins have added up- sardines, raw grinds, tripe, necks/feet, beef chunks, etc.

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    Everyone feeds such a big variety compared to me lol!

    I typically feed 50% kibble and 50% canned food. Treats are basically just freeze dried meats. For kibble I’m using NL Sardine for its low fat. My girl needs to lose a bit. Canned foods are usually Weruva, Hound and Gatos, and Nature’s Variety Instinct. I try for some variety 🙂

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    I feed Bailey 100% raw. Mostly stuff from Hare Today and my butcher and also sardines, cage free eggs, veggies & other add-ins.

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    Well, not proud to say that lately I’ve been feeding about 95% kibble and the remaining 5% is dehydrated or raw. I still have a load of Darwin’s in the freezer, so they still get a weekly meal of raw. I continue to feed an occasional bit of Dr. Harvey’s Oracle mixed in with the kibble and water.

    I’ve been trying so hard to find kibbles that work for Sam with his intolerance issues, that I’ve been feeding straight kibble to see how he responds without adding anything to it. For various reasons, I cannot do raw full-time, and I choose to continue to use kibble as a base. So, there are frequently meals that he eats just kibble to which I’ve added water. Right now, I am basically down to two kibbles that Sam can eat… big sigh… He can eat Canine Caviar (either lamb or chicken with pearl millet) and Mulligan Stew (lamb only). Even things that he used to do well on aren’t working for him anymore so I’ve had to scratch Horizon Legacy and Nature’s Logic from his rotation.

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    I’ve been feeding THK Preference with ground meat. I rotate the proteins between bison, beef and chicken. Gizmo also gets raw chicken neck for teeth cleaning about 3 times a week. I add ground flax seed and coconut oil to his food. He’s been on this diet since January, and this seems to be working best for him.

    Before this I’ve tried just about anything. High end kibbles, freeze dried, canned, premade raw, PMR. He’s a picky dog and sometimes would refuse to eat. THK is the only food that he hasn’t turned his nose up.

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    Jackie B

    I feed nearly all canned food. Sometimes I buy commercial frozen raw when I am in the vicinity of a pet store that carries it, which is not very often. I do make homemade food from a recipe book or pre-mixed sometimes, maybe once a month I will make 5 days worth.

    I really wanted to go with THK for a lot of the time, however my dog will not eat it. Same story with Grandma Lucy’s and I and Love and You. He will eat a little but has yet to finish a whole bag.

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