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    Sherrie J

    My 3 year old puggle just had surgery on Thursday to remove bladder stones. They said they extracted close to 100, which made me feel terrible. It wasn’t until she was throwing up that there was any indication that she was ill. Now the vet wants to put her on the Hill’s CD prescription food. When I inquired if there were any other more natural means, I was met with a great deal of contention and was flat out told “no”. While the food is a great deal more expensive, I obviously do not want my pup to ever have to go through this again. My issue is that the i see little nutrition listed on the ingredient list. She has been eating dry Diamond Naturals brand since she was a puppy. In the past couple days I have been doing much research on alternative treatments. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with stones and how they may have homeopathly treated. My dog has never been fed corn, soy or animal by product and I just can’t conceive paying triple for fillers.

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    This subject has come up before, check the threads above for some helpful tips.
    My dog with a hx of stones is doing well on Wysong senior (soaked in water), potassium citrate tabs, 4 small meals per day with water added, and frequent bathroom breaks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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