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    Patricia A

    I feed Stella’s and Primal as a topper. I would like to know why their Tantalizing Turkey Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried is rated 5 stars by the advisor and their Stella & Chewy’s Tantalizing Turkey meal mixers Freeze-Dried is only 2.5 stars. I believe the recipe/ingredients are exactly the same with only the presentation (nuggets vs patty) being the difference.
    Did the advisor make an error in his ratings or am I missing something here?

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    John D

    I have this same question

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    Patricia A

    I emailed them and rating of the Turkey freeze dried patties is now also a 2.5*. So one less flavor/protein to give mine since lower rating means higher fat. Not a problem for some dogs but I have to stick to the lower fat. So now there’s only the chicken, rabbit and venison blend with the 5* rating. Glad I also rotate with Primal for more options.
    They should be more careful with their ratings since those on this forum trust in advisors ratings and reviews as a starting point in choosing best foods.

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    Nadia K

    I am one of the people that bought the turkey patties for the 5 star rating. I am giving my pup one turkey and one chicken patty to balance out the fat a bit. I think however that my pup might have an issue with chicken. She is much more itchy and her tear stains have increased.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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