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    Randy D

    Thinking about adopting a staffy mix, she is almost a year old and weighs 40 lbs currently. I have no experience with a staffy-do they have any diet issues, necessities,etc. I am looking at trying the fromms family classic food, pro PAC, victors or muenster perfect balance.
    She is pretty active, so what might she need in terms of protein, calories, carbs, etc?

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Randy D:
    I have no experience with Staffies, but I do feed Fromm’s Classic Mature and the Four Star Whitefish recipes. My dog does well on them and enjoys each meal.

    Here is a dog food calculator to help you figure out calories. I have not used it, but many regular posters on DFA do and find it helpful.

    Through trial and error I found several foods with a good balance of protein, fat, and fiber %’s along with kcals/C and good digestibility for my dog. Although I found some foods through recommendations keep in mind how a dog does on a food will be individual to them. Not all recommendations worked out for us so don’t box yourself in to one brand or recipe.

    Good luck and I hope you are able to adopt her!

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    Randy D

    Thanks Bobby. She is young, and is quite active, according to the fosters. I am just trying to find a general idea of protein level to keep her fueled and muscular as she is now. Some are as low as 23-24%, and idk if that’s high enough.
    My other choice is a heeler/shepherd mix that is more my ideal dog, but he is verrry dominant to other dogs. He’s good with people but I would have to be real careful what dogs he is around. I don’t think he will work.

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    Bobby dog

    You’re welcome. I have some kind of a heeler mix. He’s a ton of fun!

    Hopefully some other bully owners will stop by with some input.

    I have to compliment you on taking the time to think about choosing what dog fits your life style and caring for your adoptive pet prior to bringing them home!

    I think it’s important to consider your dog’s life stage and activity level when deciding on what to feed your dog too. In regards to protein I think digestibility is important to know.

    Here are a couple of articles on the subject:

    Here are some articles I found helpful with deciding my current pet food criteria:

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    Hi Randy-

    I have an American Staffordshire Terrier who just made 3 in May. You will absolutely love the breed. Really any bull breed is great.

    Mine unfortunately is plagued with a lot of the normal skin problems that come with Pit bull type breeds. Food sensitivities and environmental allergies as well. It is possible, but not certain that yours as a rescue could come with those same quirks.

    The food that changed my dogs life was Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach. I find a lot of Pit bull types do well on fish because of the high levels of fatty acids. To me that food has a very balanced protein, fat and calorie level for the activity level you are describing. 26% protein, 16% fat and 447 kcal/cup. Now depending on just how active she is, you may want to consider a performance food like Bully Max, NutriSource Performance or Pro Plans Sport line.

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    Randy D

    She was originally on iams, but he had some clear the room gas, so they switched her to a fromms food. No idea which one.
    Bobby, I love the look and personality of that big rascal. But, the issue with other dogs bothers me. I worry that meeting a strange dog while walking him might provoke him. His foster said no to dog parks. At his training place, they have very carefully found a few dogs he gets along with, and that’s his group. Like I said, the adoption group doesn’t bring him to their meet and greets-too much hubbub with people and other dogs.

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    Randy D

    This is the staffy mix during the meet and greet-with a crazy GSD pup bouncing around and two little toy dogs barking up a storm. IMG_2713.JPG

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    Bobby dog

    I knew someone would stop by with Staffy experience! 😉

    That’s important to know what you are comfortable handling. My dog is not as social as I would like in certain situations. I know his quirks so I just remove him from the scene immediately. He’s never had an incident, but I know that look of uneasiness.

    I have room for him to run around at my house so I don’t have to take him somewhere for exercise. I do take him hiking in parks, but depending on the park I very seldom see many people on our journeys. IMO you’re thinking about the right things to make an adoption successful!

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    Hi Randy thank-you for rescuing a Staffy, Staffys are one of the most miss label breeds in the world, Staffy’s are LOVING, very smart, easy to train & love their humans, known as the Nanny Dog early 1900’s in the UK….
    My boy Patch is a English Staffordshire Bull Terrier also a rescue, the most friendly dog I’ve ever own, he has to stop & say hello to everyone when on our walks & loooovvvees kids…. When I got him he was in real poor condition, weeing blood, pooing blood, skin problems & now suffers with IBD, skin allergies & food intolerances, some staffys have an iron stomach, while other staffys have sensitive stomach & sensitive skin, like most breeds, so just keep an eye out if your girl does start to itch & scratch, could be she’s sensitive to a food or can be flea or environment allergies…Diet is the key to a healthy pet..
    I have feed the “Pro Pac Ultimates” Bayside Whitefish & Meadow Prime Lamb grain free kibbles, Patch did well on both formula’s & had a very shinny coat, kibble was easy to digest & poo’s were nice & firm…. The maker’s Midwestern Pet Foods make “Earthborn Holistic”, “Pro Pac Ultimates” & “Sportmix, Wholesomes ” formula’s

    My boy also does real well on “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb, it’s a single protein Lamb Meal with limited ingredients, excellent for sensitive stomach & skin, TOTW has their High Prairie with Roasted Bison & Venison, Canine grain free formula, it’s higher in protein 32%min & fat 18%min, only has 29% carbohydrates… TOTW also has their matching wet tin foods…

    “Costco” sell Kirkland Signature, Nature Domain, Salmon & Sweet Potato is made by TOTW & is the same as the TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon formula & cheaper…. 39lb for $39.49

    There’s also “Canidae” Pure formula’s Pure Wild Boar is really good. products

    I would start with a formula that’s not too high in fat & protein, the TOTW Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb, has 1 protein Lamb meal & limited ingredients & the fat-15% & protein-25% is moderate, not too low or high, or Kirkland Signature “Nature Domain” formula’s or Pro Pac Ultimates Bayside Whitefish, just incase she was feed a low quality kibble that was low in fat & protein, this way she shouldn’t have any Intestinal Stress while being introduce to a better quality formula’s…. Slow & steady is best & then start rotating between a few different brands with different proteins, this will strengthen her immune system…
    also follow “Rodney Habib” on his face book page, he has really good info on Pet Nutrition, how to read dog food when reading the ingredient list video, he does easy to follow videos, there’s 1 video Rodney has, showing just by adding 2 spoons of fresh whole foods to your dogs bowl of kibble reduces the risk of her getting cancer & other health problems later in life, tin Sardines, Salmon, Tuna in spring water, give fresh meaty bones twice a week for her teeth, chicken bones are nice & soft & easy to digest…. Save the Rodney Habib “DIY health tips” link I posted above, it’s has really helpful information & all his videos he has made…..

    Please post some photos of your new girl & her name….take a photo when you get her then after you’ve had her for 6months see the different after being feed a healthy diet…

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    Randy D

    I will probably stick with the fromms for a while since that’s what she is currently on. Propac is one I was considering when I do begin to rotate some in. I forgot to mention Victor as a possibility.
    Bobby, I have a back yard for him to run around in, but he will be an only dog, so I wonder if he might get bored without a playmate. No hiking for me-61 with a bad knee and achy hip, so it would be dog park and daily walks, and he is a load on a leash. He almost had me on skates a time or two.
    How do I post pictures here?

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    Bobby dog

    There are some regular posters that are happy feeding Victor. If you make the decision to adopt and decide to switch foods I would wait for at least two weeks while she gets settled in. Too many changes can wreak havoc on our furries.

    I think you have to use Photo bucket to post a pic? Not positive as I can’t remember if I ever posted a pic before. I thought there was a forum topic on it, but I can’t find one using the search engine.

    I only have one dog and he is fine; I had one dog prior to him too. He is my shadow he goes everywhere with me. Of course as summer starts I can’t take him to all the places I used to if I have to leave him in my truck. I don’t do hardcore hiking, but we get a decent workout!! Dog parks, daily walks, and a back yard to run around in sounds like a perfect mix to me.

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    Hi Randy just read post about the bad gas farts, yes bad farts will be from food intolerances/sensitivities, you need to work out what foods are causing the bad gas, Patch did the same when I got him, in the end we did food elimination diet, he cant eat, Barley, Oats, Corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, Wheat, Beet Pulp causes bad gas & wind pain, Chicken makes his paws red, itch & skin smells real yeasty, carrots make his ears smell & itch, look for brands I have mentioned in post above, these brands have limited ingredients, read the ingredient list & pick a formula that has the least ingredients like the TOTW Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb or Canidae Pure Wild Boar…. both brands are money back guaranteed..
    Less is best when they have sensitive stomach & then slowly introduce another brand that’s a different protein, around the fat, protein & fiber %……the immune system strengthens get stronger tolerating different foods, people feed 1 brand & same formula for years, then you have a dog that starts reacting to these ingredients, best to rotate between a few different brands & proteins, even if you feed Lamb for Winter months & fish for the Spring/Summer months…fish formula’s are normally higher in Omega 3 fatty acids but I wouldn’t fed a fish kibble all year round here’s why…

    Socializing takes time, take her on daily walks, same time, same route everyday & she will get to meet the same dogs everyday, Patch is good with other dogs except when the other dog shows any signs of aggression & a ball is involved, not a good mix, I’ve had a few mini heart attacks, how quick a fight can happen, so best to carry a water bottle on walks, buy the water bottles you twist the top open & close & can squeeze the water out & it squirts, the kids school bottle are good, if one dog locks onto another dog, spray the water into the dogs eyes & up their nose, the dog will let go to take a breath, then re bite, so pull dogs apart straight away…. learn to read a dogs “body language”, this way you’ll know if the approaching dog is a happy go lucky dog & will say hello, sniff bums & walk off or if he’s a nasty dog?? the ear’s go pinned back, mouth top lip start to go up, fur along spine starts rising, the tail stands straight up & back or tail goes down means dog is scared & stress, there’s always a sign just before a dog attacks, a dog can read another dog in 3 seconds, so you have to be quick reading both dogs, I use a harness when walking Patch, you have more control as the harness goes across their chest & back, easier to pull them back, harnesses are also good for walking dogs that pull, like Patch did when I first got him, when a dog isn’t walked much they normally pull & get over excited….. Good-Luck

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    Randy D

    Bobby, if that heeler mix could do dog parks I would already have him probably.
    Susan, the gas was on iams and she is already off it so she seems good with that. For now, anyway. The staffy seems to be fine with other dogs(except for the hyper shepherd pup that ran right up on top of her face while she was chilling on the floor. She didn’t care for that much. The problem I was describing was a heeler/shepherd that was my first interest, but I fear he is way too dominant to be around other dogs other than his home pack.

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    Hi scroll down to the bottom & click on “Contact Us” on the right you’ll see a link saying
    “How can I add a photo to my profile” & add her picture that way as your profile picture..
    Once you get into a daily routine, he will settle, Whoever owned Patch before me never took him for many walks, I’d get his harness & lead to go for our walk, he’d jump up & kiss me nilly head butt my nose as I was putting on his harness, he’d get that excited I couldn’t put his harness on & waking was nightmare, people would say to me as we were flying down the street to the dog park “Who’s taking who for a walk” after 2-3 weeks he learnt sit & wait patiently, so mum (me) could put on his harness & he learnt to walk slowly cause mum has a bad back & cant run down the street at 100 mile an hour, I bought one of those re-tractable 2 metre lead, it’s not real long, just enough for him to have a sniff while I walk behind him & not pull me….. now he’s perfect on his walks, I don’t even need a lead, I taught him words, “Stop” “Go” “Hurry Up” “Leave It” “Go Home Wait for Mum” he’s a very smart dog, when my back was bad 2 months ago he helped me out of bed & up my stairs…. he still acts like a nut case some days & is naughty but I like it when he’s naughty it means he feels good & isn’t sick with his IBD…..Best thing you can do in life is rescue a pound dog, they seem to know you saved them, I’d have heaps of rescued Staffys but I have no enclosed yard….

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    Sign up at for your avatar. For pictures, they need to come from a photo hosting site.

    I’ve used Pro PAC Ultimates Grain Free and Nutrisource Grain Free while fostering and it worked well. Fosters didn’t have any GI issues with transitioning but my personal dogs get around 35% (sometimes more or less) protein and various levels of fat as well. They stay muscular and they’re 10-12, maybe 13 yrs old.

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