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    Would you please rate this food? It is available at Fleet Farm stores. After cycling through several of the four- and five- star dog foods found on this website, I was getting pretty frustrated. I didn’t like spending so much money on a food that was supposed to be really good for my puppy, only to find myself “topping” it with grated cheese (more $$!). While shopping at Fleet Farm for her expensive food, I watched several people come into the department and pick up the Sprout brand. So I looked at the label, was impressed by what I saw, and picked up a 5# bag of the Lamb & Rice Formula to see if my 7 month old Golden Doodle would like it. She devoured it. Licked the bowl clean. And the poop was wonderful – like a soft tootsie roll. (We had many issues there for weeks on the expensive foods.) It has been five weeks now, she has just finished her second 40# bag. Today I brought the Chicken & Rice home (again, the 5# bag to see if she likes it) and once again she devoured it. Happily! She has abundant energy (of course, she’s a pup!) her coat is soft and doesn’t shed, her poo is easy to pick up…. all in all, it is a great fit for us. If you analyzed it here, and it is as good as I think it is, it would be very helpful to others who are determined to feed their dogs high-quality food on a budget. Thanks for your consideration!

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    Hi, Sprout Ultra Dog Food is a low budget dog food, which contains 30% Protean, Vitamins & Minerals, It also contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for improved skin & coat condition. But still it doesn’t perform well. I will rate it 1 and 1/2 out of 5.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Is this the food you’re talking about? http://www.fleetfarm.com/category/fleet-farm-brands/pet-supplies

    If so, Dr. Mike can’t rate it because there’s no ingredient list and general analysis on the website (that I can see).

    What are the ingredients?

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    David D

    Sprout Ultra Puppy is comparable to Purina Red Flannel Puppy. Being cheaper it doesn’t have as much meat product in it as some of the expensive brands, but chicken by-product is the first ingredient. It is 28% CP, 18% fat but it doesn’t give the C:P ratio or percentage. It delivers 380 kcal/cup or 3800 kcals/kg on a calculated basis.

    In my experience it performs slightly below the Purina Red Flannel. The puppies eat it well and have grown well with it and have been complimented by our vet for how they look. We have giant breed puppies and are now looking for something lower in energy for there next growth faze. This may be more difficult as most affordable, higher protein foods have more grain and less meat.

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