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    Vincent I

    First post here, and it more of a question/statement. We current use a pet food delivery website. Recently received an email stating the current ordered dry dog foods were changing formulary and packaging, but the food would still remain the consistent high quality food we have always received. The brands are Solid Gold; Barking at the Moon and Sundancer.
    First, the weight of the packages are reduced from 28.5 lbs to 26 lbs per package.
    Second, the caloric measurement we see listed as k/cal cup is reduced in the Barking at the Moon formula 40 k/cal cup, while the Sundancer formula is increased 35 k/cal cup.
    This information was not conveyed in coorospndance and may not be important to everyone.
    We still have net loss in total weight per package and in one instance, a loss of caloric availability per cup of food. These foods are not inexpensive and were 5 star recommendations at the Dog Food Advisor website. The question, do they remain on the list as 5 star recommendations? We currently house 4 rescued greyhounds and 2 rescued Spanish greyhounds, so food expenses are a consideration. We would rather feed the better foods than make veterinarian trips, and she agrees we our pups are in better than average health.

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    Have you looked at the Guaranteed Analysis of the two foods? If they are the same as what you’re feeding now, then the rating most likely will not change unless there is added plant-based protein boosters or the addition of poor quality ingredients. Also foods are updated every 18 months and sometimes ratings may be adjusted.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I do like their new the new bags. Solid Gold always has the coolest packaging lol

    From what I can see the potatoes and pea protein were swapped – pea protein 3rd in the new, was 4th in the old. Other than that the GA looks the same and no other big changes so I would say Barking at the Moon will likely still be a 5 star food.

    With the Sun Dancer formula it looks like there was a little ingredient order swapping as well. The tomato pomace and canola oil moved up in the new formula and the quinoa, eggs and potato moved down. Protein and fat levels stayed the same. Nothing too serious. Probably won’t result in much of a change in rating if any change at all.

    Overall, I don’t see anything too alarming. Just the fact that you’ll likely be paying more for less food.

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