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    Hi Dr. Mike,

    I haven’t seen a rating on Sojourner Farms, or Sojo’s.

    That’s been my dog’s diet for over a year. I like it. Well, and they do to.

    I prefer it over the other freeze dried raw foods because the protein/fat content is lower than say Stella & Chewey’s or Primal. Not that I haven’t heard or seen great things with dogs who’s diets consists of the latter, the price/volume ratio is greater than what I can afford.

    There is a downside to Sojo’s I have to admit. After rehydration, the Guaranteed Analysis for Protein/Fat is greatly reduced. So much so I have to add my own because I have big! active and young dogs.

    And it’s reported to me that the stool is greater -which I’d expect from Dry Dog Food -which I refuse to serve. Bad for the teeth, bad for the digestive tract, bad for the adrenal system -the biological filter intended to remove undigestible material like ash -which any dry dog food is chocked full of.

    Quick aside: I don’t know how many people come to me and say, but what about their teeth? The crunchy’s clean their teeth. Dr. Mike, you know in your profession, Captain Crunch doesn’t do well for dental health. Nor does any carb -and that’s what it takes to bind the ingredients to make a kibble.


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    Great information! I was hoping to see a higher rating, but I trust the calculations.

    I alternate between the beef, and turkey -but I always add additional meat -I have two young dogs, ranges 60 to 8olbs full of energy and an 8 year old that’s ideal.

    I have heard/seen that a strict Sojos diet will drop the pounds.

    I think I’m going to take this to Sojos next.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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