sojos wild or grandma lucy's?

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    Haley H

    I’m looking for thoughts on which one is better. I’m still trying to decide on a high quality kibble, but have definitely decided to incorporate one of these into the regular rotation. I’d love to hear thoughts or experiences with these products! 🙂

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    I’ve used GL goat and rabbit pureformance formulas off and on (I rotate between lots of foods). So while I haven’t seen any negatives to this food, I also haven’t fed it as a sole diet for an extended amount of time. GL is a cooked food. The consistency is gelatinous.

    I’ve only used the Sojo’s Complete Turkey (dog and cat) and Premix formulas off and on as well. No issues with those either. Some slightly larger stools. I believe Sojo’s is raw food. The consistency is bulky with visible pieces of plant matter. The cat formula is smaller in size than the dog formula.

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    I thought SoJo’s was freeze dried….that said, I tried their turkey and everything came out like it went in and so much poop! I like Grandma Lucy’s.

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    Haley H

    Sojos is freeze dried raw. I didn’t know Grandma Lucy’s was cooked! 🙂 I thought they were the same type of product, just different brands and recipes. The sojos one seems to be like everything incorporated, where gl’s has meaty chunks on top with ground meats within. I think..I’ve never tried either though…just seen them in stores and on chewy

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