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    I’d like to feed my 2 goldens (one is almost 3 years old, the other is 13) the same diet. Can anyone recommend a dry dog food that would suit both of them. They are both in excellent health and good weight.

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    Well….they are both adults and since they are both in good health then you could feed them both the same food. You could use any all-life-stage food or any adult food. Some people actually feed their dogs puppy food even though their dogs are adults because they like the protein/vitamin/etc. percentages better than adult foods. I don’t know what you’re feeding now, but if I were you I’d look on this site at the 4-5 star rated foods, pick the ones you can get easily and you like the look of (ingredients, analysis, company, etc.) then go for it. Ease them in to the new food by gradually mixing it with what they’re eating now. I would also add probiotics to ease the transition. Some people use plain, natural yogurt with live cultures or add plain pumpkin (not pie filling) to ease the transition instead of buying probiotics. Start by adding 25/75 – old/new to their current food for a few days until you see that their stools are good then up it to 50/50 and so on.

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    As both the dogs are grown up, you should prefer any dog-food which is especially made for adult dogs only because it ensures proper nutrition to them. For it, you may also consult to any local vet of your area.

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    I disagree with Roger. An all life stages food is just fine & unless your vet is a holistic vet or nutritionist, they don’t know as much about nutrition as you’d think.

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    I too disagree with Roger. My crew eats all life stage and they range in age from 1 yr to 15 plus years.

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    I also disagree with Roger. ALS foods have everything an adult needs. It is puppies that have special requirements, not adults. My 12 year old definitely does better on ALS foods.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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