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    These are a couple months old (I think from February), but I thought the ordering of the pictures was funny. Loki is my silly lil man. I know his herding breeds are known for grace and focus, but he knows neither very well LOL!

    Two ears! “You have my full attention, mommy!”
     photo imagejpg2_zps40856d29.jpg

    One ear: “Half attention…that chew toy looks nice…”
     photo imagejpg1_zps0a7de9b3.jpg

    No ears: “Did you say something? I was just staring at that toy…that is a really nice toy!”
     photo imagejpg4_zps36ccf9d2.jpg

    No ears AND a tongue! “Mmmm… I’m bored. Let’s go attack that chew toy now! Bye bye!”
     photo imagejpg3_zps1a5f26d7.jpg

    (No, his ears/tongue don’t really indicate his attention amount, his wiggle-butt and slowly pulling it up off the ground does though!)

    Isn’t Loki such a cutie pie? And to think, he was a rescue dog possibly on death-row!

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    Very cute!

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    He’s definitely a handsome young lad! 🙂

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    Thanks XD some days he looks much more like a dork than a handsome lad, but he’d like to think he’s /always/ handsome, of course!

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    LoL! Well, either way, he’s a cutie! 🙂

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