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    Krista B

    Hi I’m wanting to add carrots and peas to my dogs meals, do I need to purée them for her to completely digest them? I cook them in the microwave per the bag instructions. Just wondering if she will be able to digest them without them being pureed or if I should go ahead and purée them? I read that if you cook them until tender you shouldn’t need to purée them but I thought I would double check.


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    Dogs don’t digest carrots, no matter how you prepare them. That’s why you
    will see orange/carrot chunks in the feces. Probably the same for other veggies, that being said, a little fiber is good, but, too much can cause GI upset and loose stools.
    Some dogs don’t tolerate veggies (or like them) well at all.
    I would check with the vet that you take your dog to for annual exams.
    Depending on results (lab work etc) such as a predisposition for a certain type of bladder stones, the vet may advise NO veggies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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