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    Jennifer M

    Could someone do a review of the wet dog food sold at Aldi? I could only find the dry on the featured list. They have 2 kinds of containera: cans and cups. My mom bought some and I think it’s what is making my little dog (Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix) have the poops! I constantly tell her to look at the ingredients before buying and spending a little extra is worth it if it means my dog isn’t eating something that won’t agree with him!

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    Before you blame the food, take your dog to the vet and rule out medical reasons for loose stools/diarrhea. If it goes on for more than 72 hours in a row.
    Annual checkups are essential, check for worms, heartworm/Lyme etc. Bring a feces sample.

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    You say your mom bought some….is this a new food to your dog? If yes, that could be the cause. You need to transition from one food to the next over a week, not all at once.

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