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    Jo C

    Hello everyone so I had my dog allergy tested & turns out he’s allergic to most things & finding commercial food he can eat is proving pretty hard as is purchasing the food he’s not allergic to.

    The only meat he is not allergic to is Rabbit
    The only other foods are potato, oat & barley.
    Would seem as though Rabbit is not ised in most pet food anymore or stocked in Butchers. (Im in UK)

    I’m wondering if anyone could help explain the meaning of the results like what is IgE & IgG

    Something’s he tested positive IgG & not IgE

    For example for beef his results were IgE 0 IgG 1

    Thanks everyone.

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    Hi Jo C-

    There is no accurate test out there for food allergies. The serum testing is notorious for false positives and false negatives.

    Each of those are different immunoglobulins in the body that are responsible for setting off certain histamine reactions. This SHOULD have been explained to you by the doctor that did the testing, but clearly it was not which makes these results useless as you can’t interpert them well.

    If you want to do this correctly, you will need to start over and conduct a proper elimination diet. It is the gold standard for accessing food allergies. An elimination diet can be done a couple different ways.

    Option 1: A home cooked diet of a single novel protein (something your dog has never had before) and a single carbohydrate (again, one your dog has never had before). This is to be the SOLE diet for 3 months. No treats, no table scraps, no flavored medications, no food from other pets, no dental chews, nothing at all but the diet.

    Option 2: A commercially prepared hydrolyzed protein diet from the vet’s office. Same rules apply here. With these diets the protein molecules are so small that the bodys immune system does not recognize them as a threat and will not form a histamine reaction.

    Once the 3 months is up, you can then do a food challenge and reintroduce the old food to see if the symptoms come back. If the dog is positive for food allergies, he/she should have improved over the course of the elimination trial. If the allergies are due to something in the environment, its likely no change in symptoms would occur.

    This is very hard to do for most pet owners, but when done correctly will give you a definite answer as to if the dog has food allergies. Sorry, to say, but I would throw out your results from the serum test and see if you can get your money back. There has been an overwhelming amount of research proving that the reliability of those tests is very low.

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    For best results go to a board certified veterinary dermatologist. Food allergies are rare. Food sensitivities fluctuate.
    More often than not environmental allergies are the culprit.
    The only accurate test for that is intradermal skin testing. The most natural treatment for environmental allergies is allergen specific immunotherapy otherwise known as allergy shots or desensitization.
    For a grain free limited ingredient food consider Zignature whitefish or Nutrisca salmon.

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    There’s Vet Diet “Royal Canine” Select Protein, Potato & Rabbit dry kibble & Wet can food
    also look at “Ziwi Peak” has a Rabbit air dried formula & Rabbit wet tin raw food.
    there’s also “Rayne” Clinical USA, Kangaroo, Rabbit or Crocodile formula’s..
    It’s best you do your own raw elimination diet, that’s what I did with my boy 4yrs ago…

    These salvia, blood or fur testing are not accurate, they give false positives, the only way 100% is to do a food elimination diet, normally dogs have food sensitivities, food allergies are very rare & the dog normally has IBD symptoms when he has food allergies….

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