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    Michelle M

    I have a dog that has very sensitive tummy and skin – and it seems that he is allergic to anything with chicken, turkey or quail in it. Any suggestions on a good dry food? We have used raw venison and that was ok but it seemed too rich for him. He is on raw beef/bison mix and he is super itchy again so I don’t think we are on the right path. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    ZiwiPeak dehydrated raw, lamb formula. One protein complete balanced diet. A food allergy testing kit might be worth your while, too!

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    Kate L

    I have a sensitive bulldog. I have resorted to home making food. However, Instinct canned dog food has several proteins that your dog may be able to eat: rabbit or lamb could work. They also have a limited ingredient lamb and pea recipe (but it is high in fat). I used to think it was all about the protein but a dog can have sensitivities to the carbohydrate sources as well. My dog can’t eat sweet potatoes, rice, peas or quinoa. It is truly frustrating to find dog foods that work. I have read more labels that I care to think about. Good luck. It can be a tiresome and LONG process finding foods that a dog does’t react to. And don’t forget, it could be environmental allergies and NOT food.

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    I found that Blue Buffalo limited ingredient grain free Duck and Potato 22% and I think its 12% fat is just outstanding for dogs with certain protein issues and sensitive stomachs…one of my Champion Labs was on this and had a coat that was outstanding all his issues went away…a vet on this site recommended it and he was dead on.

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