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    tracy b

    I have a 5 year old pit mix that has constant tummy trouble. she is on famotidine with each meal (acid reducer) but still has ongoing issues. she is currently on taste of the wild grain free (no poultry) as she also has skin allergies (these seem to be ok at this time). I am looking for the best choice dry food choice for her – wonder if anyone has any suggestions…. otherwise, I may be having to go to homemade (and that is tough with 2 big dogs!!)

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    My dog with allergies and a sensitive stomach does well on Nutrisca dry (fish) combined with homemade (see my post in homemade for link)

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    tracy b

    thanks – I am going to try her on homemade –

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    Hi Tracey, has she had an Endoscope & Biopsies done? then you’ll know what your dealing with…..I really understand as my boy has IBD & IBD also affects the stomach & skin allergies to food…try low fat diets, when they have acid reflux… I also use Mylanta 3mls, I find the Mylanta really helps Patch more that the Zantac (Ranitidine) you could use the Liquid Pepto as it has Bismuth salts that kill stomach bacteria but the Taste of the Wild is too high in fat for stomach acid, you need a limited ingredient, low fat diet, Have you tried the “California Natural” Limited ingredient Lamb & Rice it has just 4 ingredients or Kangaroo & Lentils or the “Natural Balance” Limited ingredients Kangaroo & Potatoes or the Rabbit or the Duck as these are the only flavours that have the least ingredients….
    I was doing home cooking, it was toooo much I was using Turkey breast mince (grounded) 99% fat free & adding 1 egg & making rissoles in the oven they were beautiful, then adding boiled sweet potatoes as an elimination diet but Patches Poos were awful, he’d only poo every 2nd day & it stunk of baby poo & was real yellow, So now I’m feeing Sunday Pets Deliganics only 5% fat & all organic….My boy had the Helicobacter infection & they need triple theray of antibiotics (Metronidazole, Amoxicillin & Losec) to kill the Helicobacter that lives in stomach acid… Losec is an stronger ant acid, she may need something stronger then Famotidine…. also there’s a really good group if you need help, it’s on Face Book “Dogs With Inflammatory Bowel Disorder” most of the dogs are on ant-acids & Enzymes for their stomachs..

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    When you say she still has issues going on, what do you mean, Tracy?

    Can you describe her symptoms?

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