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    Linda K

    My 7-month-old whoodle (wheaten terrier/poodle mix) has had GI issues — occasional very soft stools, occasional vomiting undigested food — off and on since we got him from the breeder. The vet is making noises about a 30-day trial on a sensitive diet after his neuter this week, to see if his belly issues will resolve. Of course, he is pushing Hills and Royal Canin for sensitive stomachs, because those are the brands he carries in his office. However, I am unable with my limited tech capabilities to find any specific information on this site about sensitive belly dry dog foods, and neither Hills nor Royal Canin gets particularly good reviews here. Any suggestions, thoughts, experience, etc., will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Ann B

    Our 2 yr rescued Lab mix has a similar background with GI issues. Issues are “come and go”. Vet prescribed Hills ID.
    Issues resolved for now. Not happy with the ingredients.
    Just joined this website and started feeding Zignature both dry and wet. She loves it and so far so good. BTW A man in the pet food store shared his experiences with the brand with his three dogs…he claims Zignature is a superior food and no matter the type..changes ingredient type about every week without any dietary issues. Good luck!

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    Zignature Zssentials or any of their limited ingredient formulas. Make sure your puppy isn’t dehydrated as he’s lost a lot of liquids from his body. And get a new vet.

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    Linda K

    Thank you! zcRiley, why are you suggesting I get a new vet? Because he is doing nothing yet to remedy the belly problem? Because he is pushing his own food? Because I sound so frustrated? I am, by the way… I’m just curious. I’m seeing another vet in his practice today to rule out a UTI(!) because he has had two urine “accidents” in the house in the last four days, after an eight-week accident-free period. And if he has a UTI, the neuter will be delayed. (Groan). But perhaps this new vet will be more responsive, attentive, something. “MY” vet, incidentally, is very difficult to see because he has so many patients, went to a top-notch vet school, and is very-well-liked, having not a single review of hundreds with fewer than five stars.

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