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    Elizabeth J

    We just rescued a dog with a “sensitive stomach” He is about 3 yrs old and he has been eating IAMs sensitive. Is this any good? We have another dog who we feed wellness to and would like to know if there is something better for our new adoptee?

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    There are definitely better foods out there but the most important thing is that your dog does well on them, not what other people think makes a good or great food.

    What kind of sensitive stomach does your dog have?

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    Elizabeth J

    He has chronic diarrhea and has been vet checked. He has no bacteria or parasites. He is just finishing his trial of antibiotics, probiotics and dewormers just to make sure. Otherwise he is healthy and very active.

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    Here’s the problem, some dogs with chronic diarrhea need more fiber in their food, while others need just the opposite, so you may have to experiment on your dog to see what works for him. You could try adding some pure canned pumpkin to his meals and see if the added fiber helps or you could try a supplement like The Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form. If neither of those help, you could go the other way and try a high protein, moderate fat food. Either way, I would add digestive enzymes and a good probiotic to his diet until you get this worked out.

    What breed is he?

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    Do you have access to a smaller pet boutique that you can get a few options to pick from (ordering online works too but annoying for testing out food intolerances)

    Wellness is one of if not the best food at petsmart type stores, so it’s not a bad choice. There are others as well, but overall depends what’s causing the pup to have stomach trouble

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    My boy has I.B.D & I too have him on the Eukanuba Intestinal, I think in America its called Iams Sensitive stomach, Ive tried other foods thinking that they’re more better but in the end we always go back to the Eukanuba Intestinal, Im finding high fat% kibbles are no good also high protein % & high fiber% is a no no also. Have you looked at the Holistic Select kibbles there’s the Adult health Duck Meal fat is 13% fiber is only 3.90% its also a single protein Duck being the only protein, so if he cant handle say fish or Lamb etc u know that there’s only Duck in this Kibble, sometimes its a meat or potatoes that can cause their diarrhea, Im going to try the Senior Chicken meal & rice as the fat% is the same as his Eukanuba 10% & fiber is only 3.50%..even though my boy is only 5yrs old the only thing difference in the Senior is that the Glucosomane is higher, but the fat% & fiber% are the lowest in the Holistic Select range, so I dont think it will matter that he’s not a senior at the moment, Im pretty sure WellPet make Wellness, Holistic Select & Eagle Pack….there’s the Complete Health Senoir in the Wellness but the fiber% was too high for my dog its 5% .. Look at the Guaranteed Analysis on ur Iams Sensitive stomach bag & look what the Fat%, Protein% & fiber% is & try to find a better kibble that is nilly the same in Fat% Protein% & fiber%, thats what Ive been trying to do..then see if he can cope.. also when you start a new kibble do it sooo slow I take 2 weeks, when I get to the second week thats when things start to happen that are going to happen with Patches Diarrhea…

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    Elizabeth, I’ve read that dogs with sensitive stomach’s do well with NutriSource dog food. Iams is not a very high quality food.

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    Elizabeth J

    We live in Washington DC which has a lot of boutique pet stores and “Foster” is a flat coated retriever. Everyone who has answered has given me some great ideas on how to get this under control. We have had other dog which have all had the “cast iron” digestive system so this has somewhat thrown us. I’ll let you all know how it works out. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

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    Ann-Marie M

    My 12 year old mini Schnauzer had loose stools and was stooling in his crate and around the house. I changed him to Stella and Chewy’s raw frozen diet and now he is fine!

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    Elizabeth, great question. I’ve got one of these too. Great suggestions as well.

    My neighbor uses Honest Kitchen basic and mixes in cooked chicken. I’m trying to break her in but the mix is a little green for Hannah girl….. She also has allergies so the vet has her on single source protein.

    We have two dogs so I’m trying to find something that will work well for both. Ranger’s issue is borderline obesity. He can and does eat anything.

    Also trying to keep this side of $100 per month for the cat and dogs.

    Let me know what works for yours!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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