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    Steve L

    Looking for a way to sort recommendations to what is best for senior dogs. I have a 14 year old Border Collie mix. She is in relatively good health although staggering slightly on hind legs. Vet has ruled out hip dysplasia. Back to food. Am I missing a way to sort Editor’s choices to those for seniors?

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    Seniors, unless they have specific medical issues, require no special diet. They need as much protein as other dogs, which is a higher amount of protein. In fact, studies show seniors need more protein than younger dogs!

    At 14, she may have some arthritis. A grain free food would be best as grains are inflammatory. Are you giving her a joint supplement as well?

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    Steve L

    I am giving her the following meds and supplements by Vet prescription.

    Carprofen 100 mg 1/2 tab every 12 hours (anti-inflamatory??)
    Tramadol 50 mg 1 every 12 hours (pain??)
    Thyroxine .6 mg 1 every 12 hours (thyroid – for past 6 years)

    Glucosamine/Chondroitin 1500/1200 mg per day.

    Tried Fromms Senior – she likes and eats well. No wet food – but she does lick plates – a dog biscuit twice a day (lunch & bed). We used to take 1-2 mile walks every day but recent pain, and the increased staggering in rear have severely cut into walks. She has been steady at 60 pounds for the last 7 years.

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    Steve, you really are already feeding a top-notch food. And giving her the supplements is the right thing to do, as well. You might want to switch to Fromm’s 4Star line and use their grain frees. I have 3 seniors and a new 9 month old pup and all of mine are eating Fromm 4Star, atm. I’m alternating between Lamb & Lentils, Salmon Tunalini and Pork and Peas. I’m also topping with Stella and Chewy’s meal mixers, the Salmon, Turkey and Beef. I think you are doing good things, already, for her. Maybe someone with more knowledge can post.

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    If you like Fromm, I’d suggest trying one of their grainfree foods. Unless I missed something, the Fromm senior has grains & only 23% protein; she’d be better off in something higher in protein.

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    Vianca V

    Have you tried the wellness core reduced fat with a little groud turkey as a topper with some broth. That works for my senior, it keeps weight of so there is less stress on his back and joints and he seems to love it. Also do you have access to a pool, a jacuzzi or have a big bath tub. I had on of my dogs work out in out tub for his arthritis pain and it helped a lot.

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    Anyone with suggestions concerning other products available off the shelf products for joints and other senior issues?

    And do any of the brands contain Glucosamine/Chondroitin in them from the processor?

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    Rich, I am not a pro at senior dogs, but many brands do contain some glucosamine and chondroitin, just not in high enough amounts. Supplementing should be better is what I’ve read. But other higher-protein, grain-free, and budget-friendly options are the Victor Grain-free line (the green one also has extra Glu-Chon) and the Earthborn Holistic Grain-free line. Both are for all life stages if I am not mistaken, and are affordable, quality products. I have personally fed and still have in my stash bags of both, and I can report great success with my “youngin”, almost 2-year old pup. As others have mentioned, rotation is best, so if you can get your new friend on Fromm Grain-Free, Victor Grain-Free, and Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free, you can alternate the flavors between the brands and see what she (or he) does well on.

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    Cynthia R

    My 12.5 year old boxer had advanced arthritis in his knees and began staggering. We had to put up a baby gate around stairs because he staggered and fell down them:-(.
    You may want to consider adding fish oil to his daily supplements.
    My vet had our boy on 3 grams of fish oil daily (helps with joints along with many other benefits, so all my dogs are given this daily), loading dose of glyco-flex lll (our vet also likes phycox), prevacox, tramadol as needed the last year of his life. I raised him on a grain-free diet(raw).

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    some to look at: K9 Liquid health, Kan Essentials Benefits Hips & Knees, DGP (DogGonePain), Swanson vitamins Joint Mobility plus, Green Lipped mussel

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    I got lazy that last couple of days and didn’t add the green lipped mussels, Mobility Essentials, aOmega oils and other supplements to my senior Pug’s dinners and he could hardly move this morning. I feel terrible.

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