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    My dog will be 10 in Nov. He had a malignant fibrosarcoma removed in ’09. Since then he’s had issues with intermittent diarrhea.
    His food history:
    He has always been an extremely picky eater, going ‘on strike’ often
    Fed Iams until he was 3.5 (My first dog & I didn’t know any better, mea culpa)
    As a blood cancer survivor myself, I switched our household to an organic one.
    Switched to Castor & Pollux Organix dry that I added a small amount of organic chicken, turkey or beef w/occasional wild caught salmon or duck to entice him to eat it. He did great on this until his health issue arose.
    After his surgery I started adding pumpkin & probiotics (from Only Natural Pet) to his meals, but he still would get colitis type diarrhea every now & then. So I decided to try cooked homemade.
    I had a vet nutritionist diet done up for him (Dr Susan Wynn). I use only organic foods, either turkey, chicken or beef w/either oatmeal, quinoa or sweet potato & then some kind of veggie, usually carrots, cauliflower or green beans. The individual supplements worry me because of the fish oil which he’s never done well on so I use flaxseed oil plus bone meal, choline, canola oil, lite salt & Centrum.
    I decided to keep a commercial organic canned food to make sure his nutritional needs were met & for the times where I may not have a homemade meal available. I started w/ByNature Organics canned turkey until I realized it has carrageenan (sp?). I switched to Party Animal grain free organic. I’ve tried the 2 chickens & the turkey.
    Problem is he still doesn’t like commercial dog food, sometimes he’ll eat it, sometimes not & he still has some soft poos. So started adding Animal Essentials digestive enzyme/probiotics & Metamucil (on the vet’s advice) I had a second diet done up for him from Balance It, but I haven’t used it yet because it seems like it has a LOT of carbs compared to his other vet diet (2.5 cups of quinoa to 6 oz of turkey) & 6 5/8 tsp of Metamucil! That’s over 2 TBS! I had been gradually increasing the Metamucil again on the vet’s advice as she said there would be Metamucil in the Balance It diet, but 2 tsps bound him up for over a day, so there’s no way I’m giving him over 2 TBS (which is more than the max for a human adult). He’s not a big water drinker, another concern for the Metamucil.
    I’m sorry this is such a long post, but I really am trying to find the right diet for my fur baby. I’m thinking of cooking his Dr Wynn diet w/out the individual supplements, adding ONP’s senior multi-vitamin, the Animal Essentials & mixing it in w/the Party Animal, keeping the proteins the same (turkey w/turkey, beef w/beef etc).
    Any thoughts, opinions & advice would be appreciated!
    Btw, he’s a German Shepherd mix, 48 lbs, body score of 5/9 I don’t use chemical pesticides on him, just Heartgard monthly.

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    I don’t have much in the way of suggestions for you, just support. I would be hesitant about the Balance It diet too.

    I’m wondering if you have tried going several days in a row with your recipe using all the same ingredients, before switching. I guess I’m wondering if the GI upset could be a reaction to, say for instance, the oatmeal, or any other specific ingredient.

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    Thank you for your response & support! You know, I’ve tried making a big batch of one recipe & freezing portions, but Muggsy is just too picky. If he gets the same meal too many times in a row, he’ll refuse to eat. I play the standoff game with him, but I always give in first lol
    You are right though, it probably is rotating the recipes (as was recommended) because I think his GI system has just become too sensitive as he’s aged.
    I am looking into buying a case of organic sweet potatoes as he does seem to do well with them & finally sticking to my guns & keeping him on the same recipe for a longer length of time. The grain free Party Animal has sweet potato & so hopefully he’ll ‘even out’ eventually.

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    I firmly believe in the health benefits of rotating, but to figure out what your dog is reacting to, you have to feed one thing long enough to know that yes, he is, or no, he isn’t reacting to any ingredients in this food.

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