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    I would like to share my experience with see spot live longer dinner mixes.

    I ordered 135 of the single serving packets on 6-5-2012. I wanted them for my own dogs and for my friends to sell at their dog wash. The packets are VERY hard to open. There is no notch in the packet so you have to cut it open. The powder inside falls out when you cut them open and it is very messy. My friends tried everything possible to sell them but people just did not want to deal with the badly designed packets and the high price. They were offered at buy one get one half off and when they still did not sell they were offered at cost.

    I wanted to try this supplement but it was a pain to use so I went with other supplements for my own dogs. I contacted Steve Brown on April 6th 2013 to see if he would swap any of the old packets for the newly redesigned 1 pound bags which are over 50% cheaper per serving. Steve Brown never even bothered to respond to my email. I had to email him twice before I finally received a reply from Chris Gelalich the general manager.

    Mr Gelalich offered me one bag at no cost and said I waited too long to let them know there was a problem and that the packets were now expired. I checked and the packets were made in February of 2012. So they were already 4 months old when I received them. I find this pretty strange after Steve told me:

    “Our website reviews some of the major features of See Spot Live Longer™ Homemade Dinner Mixes : fresh, lean, complete and balanced ancestral-type meals for dogs. The freshness is especially important, most commercial raw diets are not fresh, and many may exceed USDA standards for “quality:” ground meat is only considered to be quality if it’s consumed less than 3 months since manufacturing.”

    Today I sent my final email to Steve as it is more than 2 weeks since I first emailed him and I have sent 3 emails to him in the last week with no reply.

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    Thank you for this, James! I came on to see what ppl thought of this – as I wanted to place an order.
    I’ll move on to something else instead.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi honeybeesmom –

    I just ordered a 1 lb. bag of the Spot’s Dinner Mix. I it was manufactured last month – very fresh. It arrived 2 days after I ordered it with standard shipping. I’ve emailed Steve a few times and aleays got prompt responses. I love his book “Unlocking The Canine Ancestral Diet” (I consider it to be the best raw feeding resource available). I have not used the mix yet but I’m sure I’ll be nothing short of impressed. I wouldn’t not try it just because one person is saying they had a bad experience – look at the review section, if you wrote off every food someone conplained about you’d be left with no options. I’d try it and decide for yourself. Had I read this post prior to placing my order, I still would have ordered it.

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    WOW Really?? I always get a response from Mr Brown. I actually just got an email from him today after asking him a ton of questions and he responded with such kindness and very concerned about my dogs Pancreatitis situation. I just bought his book and 3 bags of the mix because I plan to make my dogs meals myself. I have not gotten the book or mixes yet but I just placed my order over the weekend so I am sure sometime this week it will be here. It looks as though to me that they tried to make it right with you and you did not even give the product a try. No one is perfect as this is not a perfect world and things happen. I don’t give up or complain unless it is effecting the health of my furry friends. I will let those know how it works out for us.

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    I wish I had never heard of spot’s dinner mixes. Before I got the dinner mixes Mr Brown answered all my questions kindly and completely. I ordered 30 of the small packs last august. The first thing I notices is the little blue stamp PD/02/12. I e mailed to make sure this wasn’t the date it was made and sure enough it was. I asked mr Brown to kindly refund my money and he wrote that he would. Im still waiting for my refund eight months and 4 e mails later.

    Mr Brown is nice right up until you have a problem, then its no more Mr Nice guy

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    My girls refuse to eat their food if I put any see spot live longer dinner mix on it

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    Hi HDM, I realized after reading your response to me…I figured I probally jumped the gun.
    I tend to do that when it comes to the doggies. lol. But then I read texsmom & smitty’s comments – and now I just don’t know what to do.
    I always read reviews on everything before I buy for my pets – but on see spot live longer…I couldn’t find any. I saw on Dogaware was just what it was about…not any reviews.
    I’m making another purchase of THK Preference – and wanted to also buy another food besides kibble
    as they still have that. What is another food that you would recommend? I did see one called U-Stew.
    Can you tall me anything about that one? And I believe I’ve read you like Dr. Harveys? I still have plenty of raw.

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    I got my 3 bags and the dates were PD 3/13. I have not tried it as of yet and plan to read his book first and then go from there.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Honeybeesmom –

    I would read to deeply into the posts from “texasmom” or “smitty.” Neither have every posted on the forum before. The above poster has attacked numerous other products on DFA and whenever he does several posters that have never posted on DFA before come out of the blue and agree with him. Coincidence? Possibly, but I doubt it. It’s quite humorous to me actually.

    If you still no longer want to try Spot’s Dinner Mix there are lots of other options. I’ve never tried U-Stew. I tried Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl once and all the vegetables came out the same way they went in. Dr. Harvey’s has since come out with a new Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground in which the vegetables are granulated instead of in chunks – I’ve ordered a small bag to try, I’m assuming it will digest better but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I like THK’s Preference. My all time favorite pre-mix though is Urban Wolf. It’s whole-food based and powdered. It’s not too attractive looking but I find that the powdered formula digests better than other pre-mixes (such as THK, Sojo’s and Dr. Harvey’s). You have to add liver, eggs and oil to Urban Wolf. The only suggestion I would have if you do decide to try it is don’t add as much oil as the recipe calls for – just add the fish oil and omit the sunflower/canola oil it calls for. If you’re feeding predominantly poultry, add 2 tsp. flax oil to each recipe and if you’re using predominantly red meat add 2 tsp. hempseed or walnut oil to each recipe (you don’t need to add these if you rotate between poultry and red meats).

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    Hi HDM,
    Oh, okay I gotcha. ( wink)

    After knowing you & NectarMom recieved fresh bags and email responses from Mr. Brown – I’ve decited I WILL place an order. LOL
    I’ll let y’all know how things go. Thanks for the other info you gave on Urban Wolf. I’m thinking of that one in a few months.

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    Hi HDM

    I’m sorry if I speak the truth about products for dogs. I’m also sorry if people agree with me.

    Please don’t make false accusations about me. If you have any proof of your accusations please post them, otherwise they are just slander.

    Why is it OK for someone to post a flowery review about a dog food but you consider it attacking if the review is a negative one?

    Can you please provide ONE example of me “attacking” anyone or anything on DFA?

    I ALWAYS provide documentation and contact numbers whenever I post a not so stellar review of a product, this way ANYONE can verify what I said!!!


    If you have any doubts that I received very bad customer service from See Spot Live Longer here is the proof:

    Sorry for the delay and poor customer service; I apologize. The current product we have was produced on March 5, 2013 and has a shelf life of 8-10 months from that date.

    The 1lb bag will make 25 one pound servings; a typical 40lb dog would eat the one pound serving in 3 meals (day 1/2).

    Send my your shipping info and I will send you 3 bags to try out at n/c.

    Chris Gelalich
    Gen Mgr. SCNP LLC”

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    You are rude

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    I still have not received the 3 1 lb bags I was promised 8 days ago on 4-22-13.

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    Final Update

    Here is a copy of the email I just sent to Steve Brown and his Manager Chris Gelalich. I am happy that some of you received nice treatment from Steve but I have received nothing but horrible customer service. I will not be contacting them again.

    “Hi Steve and Chris,

    It is now 1 month since I first contacted you about my problems with the 135 single serve dinner mixes I bought. It is also 2 weeks since Chris made the following promise “Send my your shipping info and I will send you 3 bags to try out at n/c.” I sent the shipping address the same day. I still have NOT received anything from you guys. So I will not be doing any further business with Steve Brown or his company due to the horrible customer service and 1 month runaround I have received from both Steve and Chris.


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    Just wanted to give my experience on See Spot dinner mix.
    I emailed Mr. Steve w/ a question…and within minutes he mailed me back. We mailed each other a few times back and forth – and he always mailed me back within minutes.
    I placed my order on June 6th and received it today. Sticker on it is 5/07/13. Guess that’s when it was made?

    Also placed an order ( in case anyone is interested) same day to Better in the Raw premix. Complete, balanced, human- grade. Also received today.
    Emailed the company and Dana mailed me back within minutes.

    Went ahead and made the Better in the raw today…and the doggies loved it.
    See spot makes 26 lbs of food for $16.50 free S&H. and better in the raw makes 15lbs of food for $26.50 free S&H.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Thanks for sharing Honeybeesmom, I had a similar experience. 🙂

    I’ll have to try Better in the Raw sometime, I’ve checked out their website but haven’t tried it yet.

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    You’re very welcome, HDM!

    I hope your precious Gus is doing well. I know you must have been scared.
    I forgot my password to the review side months ago…so I don’t make comments there – and
    I don’t have the knowledge that you and others have on the forum I don’t make many comments here. But I peek in everyday – and I’m always learning something new.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    He seems to be doing much better (I’ve got my fingers crossed it stays that way), thanks for asking!

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    James, I just now saw your original post on this thread and felt compelled to reply.

    Seems you are being way unreasonable and YOU are the one at fault. Several things, you waited 10+ months to make any complaint to Steve Brown. It was your responsibility to check dates, your responsibility to know the prices, your responsibility that marking them up in price over retail they didn’t sell for you, etc. And why would they be so “messy” by cutting them open? Try cutting them open with scissors next time.

    My suggestion, throw the expired product away, accept responsibilty and pay for your OWN mistakes and quit pestering Steve Brown and Company with unreasonable demands.

    I haven’t tried Steve’s products yet, (except his books, ancestral diet my fav) but your frivolous complaints would no way hinder me from trying them.

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    I tried the See spot live longer Dinner mixes with Raw rabbit and I ended up rinsing it off the rabbit bits because my dogs would not eat it. I have 2 unopened bags if anyone wants them, I can ship them to you so just let me know if u are interested in them? US only please 🙂

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    I would love your unopened bags. How much would you be charging?

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    I am so sorry I am just seeing this, if you are still interested in the unopened bags you can shoot me an email at [email protected] and in the header just say see spot and I will know it is you wanting them . $20 for both and that is shipped as long as you are in the US.

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    Have a quick question re See spot live longer. Now that winter time is coming to NY, I expect to have more time on my hands, lol, and think I will finally try some premixes and catch up on reading some home made raw diet books. Question is how much to order..Can any one tell me what the recc feeding guidelines are? I mean after mixed with the one lb of meat, how much am I feeding each dog? Please and thank you: )

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    I have 2 packages in the freezer and threw one half a package away. My 4 dogs would not eat they’re food with it mixed in. I can ship these to you if you would like to try it. Just pay the shipping…………….

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    It’s still 2-3% of their body weight, if you mean how much of the mixture. If you mean how much premix goes in to a pound, it varies. I think most of the good ones are between 2 tablespoons to 2 ounces per pound of meat. I’ve seen one that was something like 1 cup per pound and decided that that would be one of my criteria in choosing them. If they require too much, then they are diluting the meat too much.

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    Nectaars Mom- I appreciate the offer, but I am going to order some other things from his website as well(books) I am sure some one here could use that offer though!

    Pattyvaughn-Yes, that actually the answer I was looking for-its still 2-3% body weight. I wanted to be sure I ordered enough bags. I rarely order online and hate when I misjudge and have to reorder too soon! Thanks. I will probably use it as a topper for now until I read up on making raw, and then go from there. My ultimate goal is to offer raw a few days a week on its own, but the commercial prepared would kill me with the number of dogs.

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    That’s exactly what I was imagining. One lb of commercial raw would only be a small taste for each of yours. With Thanksgiving coming up, I’ll stock up on turkey and our local grocer just had a BOGO sale on pork butts. You would need to watch for oportunities like that to feed your crew!

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    NectarMom, I would like to buy them if you are willing to sell them to me. I’m just getting started with raw so I’m looking at options. Let me know. 🙂

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    The time of year is one thing that made me start thinking about doing this again. Holiday turkey sales, lol!! I have to be 100 percent sure it will work out for me before I invest in a grinder. I have a tendency of getting “gung ho” about things and then due to work and time constraints stopping whatever it was.

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    Except for Angel, JRT, my dogs are big enough that I just bought a cleaver and hacked chunks off a turkey and handed it to them. I got 3 last year. This year I’ll go for more. I’ll look for smaller ones though.

    I go through phases too. I made all homemade for about 4 months, then I signed up for 20 lbs of Darwins every 2 months. Then I started getting grinds from Hare Today. So some times I feed commercial raw, sometimes I feed balanced homemade, and sometimes I feed just grinds. I find it easier to stick with it with more different options. I can put off til the weekend making a big batch of something.

    Of course all of mine get some kibble too, about half and half, except my JRT, she gave me a cancer scare a couple months ago, so she gets all raw with extra antioxidants and such.

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    I recently received an email from Dr Sagman to reset my password and that is when I saw your reply to me.

    You say in your reply to me that you just saw my original post, you may have just seen it but you certainly did not understand it. You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the bags I received yet you felt compelled to let me have it. You replied to me without any grasp of what actually happened!

    “It was your responsibility to check dates,”

    I checked the dates, the packets were four months old when I received them. If they would have sold with the speed that I was promised they would have all been long gone by April of this year when I contacted Mr Brown.

    “your responsibility to know the prices, your responsibility that marking them up in price over retail they didn’t sell for you, etc.”

    I received them at wholesale. They were offered for sale at below retail and still, they didn’t sell.

    “And why would they be so “messy” by cutting them open? Try cutting them open with scissors next time.”

    I cut them open with a scissors each and every time. The packets were very skinny and very full and it was impossible to tap, shake or do anything that would stop the powder from spilling out when they were opened. The packets were so badly designed that Mr Brown felt compelled to redesign them.

    You made many assumptions that were untrue, a habit that you may want to reconsider in the future.

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