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    shalisa F

    As a mom of a multiple dog household, Ive looked to Dog food advisor for years for advice on the best, healthy foods to feed our babies. I have to say that upon reading your list today, Im a bit disappointed. What classifies your choices as “best”? ingredients alone? Over the years, Ive done alot of research on dog foods and what ingredients go into them…. some of your choices are full of cancer causing chemicals. Ethoxyquin, a rubber preservative, also used as a meat preservative in some dog foods. the company doesnt have to identify if the meat is treated before it reaches the rendering plant. BHA and BHT also found in our pet food….chemicals I wont eat so I wont feed to my furbabies. Dog Food Advisor, I ask of you to please research all things that go into our pet food. People need to know about these ingredients that are making our pets sick and die premature deaths. Ive fed one of the foods on your list, before i knew about these chemical additions, and lost two of our dogs at very young ages from acute kidney failure and a rare cancer….. please inform the consumer.

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    kim M

    I have the same problems!

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    Daliyah A

    Literally the same!

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    Aoife H
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