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    Hi everyone, I have had a ‘new ‘ little one for the past 4 years since my 10-year-old terrier, Dixie died and nearly broke my heart. This one is a rescue and a pom. She has had 4 surgeries in 4 years due to the abuse she suffered the 1 st year of her life. Super great Vet! She is doing extremely well, she is my baby after all 🙂 Anyway, I had her on LID Natural Balance can, she gained some weight because of surgeries, so her Dr. suggested the S.D. prescription metabolic and joint. She loves it but I feed her the Fish stew, I just can’t do any type of chicken in anything, as she was on Duck and Lamb in the Natural Balance. She weighs 19.4 and needs to be between 15-17, She is the large breed pom not the tiny breed, black and white called Parti. I am hoping to have more activity this summer and she ‘loves’ the water. I have concerns about Science Diet. Any others feel that way too? Hi Hound dog mom! and Inkmarie!

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    If you are receptive to science based veterinary medicine, you may find this site helpful

    More Nonsense from Holistic Vets about Commercial Therapeutic Diets

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    Hi mydogisme,
    yes I’m the same with vet diets but over the last 2 years Hills have been improving most of their vet diets & making chicken free wet & dry formula’s….I looked at the Hills vet diet Metabolic + Mobility Tuna Stew a few months ago when we wanted to try a wet diet for Patches IBD, his joints are pretty good for a 8 & 1/2 year old dog, the high Omega 3 in the Metabolic + Mobility diets help heal the Intestinal tract as well they’re also higher in fiber….
    Have you looked at the Hills Metabolic Vegetable & Beef Stew it’s chicken free & the fat is a bit lower at 12.5% then the Vegetable & Tuna stew….another good brand is “Taste Of The Wild” Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon & TOTW Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb wet tin & the dry kibble both formulas have limited ingredients & have no chicken & are low in calories the weight drops off Patch when he’s eating the TOTW Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb Dry Kibble, I have to increase the amount I’m feeding, he starts to look too thin, vet said he looks great & it’s better being on the thinner side….. Once you start walking twice a day same time & more active the weight will start to drop off…. http://www.tasteofthewild.com.au/portfolio-view/pacific-stream-canine-formula-with-salmon-in-gravy/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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