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    Liz S

    Who uses it? What do you think of it?
    If you haven’t used it or don’t have something nice to say I ask that you not reply. Thanks 🙂 – I can’t get my chihuahua to eat ANYTHING besides the toy breed small bite kibble. And all I read is how SD is soooooo horrible. Not arguing that. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone uses it or has used etc

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    Well, I’m not going to argue with you, but I think you should read the reviews here:

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    So you come onto a site that clearly doesn’t favor food like SD, ask that no one reply, and expect a good discussion?

    Just getting things straight. I have nothing to say

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    LOL Aquariangt! Ditto!

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    Hi Liz,

    If all you are reading is that Science diet is so horrible then you are not reading everything:). For example when Dr. Remillard, a board certified veterinary nutritionist was asked which dog food she would feed she replied “It’s kind of a race to the top between Royal Canin, Purina and Hill’s for me….” petdietsdotcom/Ask-the-Nutritionist. Dr Wynn, also a board certified veterinary nutritionist gave a nod to Science Diet in her article on large breed puppy nutrition.

    Good guide rates Science Diet Adult Toy and Small breed dog food 9.2/10 in the health category.

    When zoos choose to use a commercial dog/cat food for the valuable animals in their care you will find Science Diet on the menu.

    If open to the idea that veterinary and PhD nutritionists use different criteria to evaluate food vs many internet posters you will find that Science Diet is held in high regard by professionals in nutrition.

    I have fed Science Diet products in the past and currently am using one of their products. I’m confident in my choice and in the nutrition it provides.

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    You asked what we thought about it so we are entitled to answer. It’s not the worst food out there but there are so many foods that are better.

    If you can’t get your dog to eat anything else, try something else. Anyone can order food. You’re online so that means you can get to places like Chewy, Wag, PetFlow etc. if you have no credit card or debit, all take phone orders.

    Have you tried canned, freeze dried or dehydrated?

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    Liz S

    I do believe there are ways to reply without being snotty.

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    Thats not snotty. You asked what people thought about it then suggested if we don’t like SD not to reply. To me, that’s snotty. I gave you names of places you can order just about any dog food out there. I suggested trying canned, freeze dried or dehydrated. If you want to continue feeding SD, do so. I read too much about people who have “tried everything” but in reality, they’ve only tried what their closest pet food store is. That’s not trying everything, thats trying what’s convenient. I’m not saying this is you, I don’t know what you’ve tried but most of us here have heard the “everything” thing just a few times.

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    Liz S

    aimee * inkedmarie- I didn’t mean your replies. Sorry. You were both very nice. I am having a hard time getting her to eat anything besides SD toy tiny bites. I just wanted to know if anyone else fed it to their dogs and what they thought about it. Since I asked that people not reply if they didn’t have anything nice to say I was surprised to come see a couple rude replies. Even if I hadn’t asked… I’d think people would still be respectful.

    I made another post last night very similar to this one. Explaining how she won’t eat anything BUT SD. I’m going over to check replies to that one…

    Thanks again both of you.

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    Most dogs love canned; have you tried some? They’re different consistencies. Some are like stews (Weruva comes to mind), some are “smooshier” (Canidae Pure) and some are really hard (can’t remember names). Canned is better than dry anyway & a Chi wouldn’t eat much. I haven’t fed much freeze dried but use dehydrated. The Honest Kitchen is smoother and Stella & Chewy is chunkier. If you’re interested in dehydrated, contact the companies & ask for samples.

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    Liz S

    I’ve never tried just canned before.

    I’ve thought about dehydrated.

    I will see about getting some samples!

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    Gloria K

    I am a new dog owner, not my first dog by any means but haven’t had a dog for 30 years and the dog foods that were available back then have changed by today’s standards.
    I just adopted a terrier mix from a shelter last week and I’m wondering about this discussion on Science Diet dog food. I was provided a bag of Purina kibble at the shelter but I prefer to make my own dog food. I give Mickey three fourths homemade and one fourth kibble. My question is what is the problem with Science Diet? I’m not familiar with this product but I know several people who feed this to their dog. Can anyone tell me what the downside to this is dog food?

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    They charge premium prices for inferior ingredients.

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    Hi Gloria, read the ingredients in the science diet, they are not good, have a look at the “Wellness” range they have small breed complete health with better ingredients & I think that Wellness small breed gets 5 stars on the Reveiws site, here’s a link to have a look at all the Wellness foods & their ingredients…..Wellness has just brought out in their “Simple” range a small breed grainfree limited ingredients kibble thats if ur dogs has allergies itchy skin etc…

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    Hi Gloria!
    Head over to the review section (click reviews in the red line above) and read the as ince a Diet Reviews. Have you read stuff on the review side? There is a lot of information on how to spot a good dog food. Science Diet wouldn’t be one of them.
    I agree about dog food changing over the years. I used Eukanuba when I got my first dog & it was top quality then.

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    My thoughts exactly, Patty! If I wanted a bag full of corn, I’d buy some Ol’ Roy or Dog Chow.

    Wellness is a great food for a similar price. Actually a little cheaper, I think– Science Diet comes in 3.5 and 12 lbs for their smaller bags, and Wellness comes in 4 and 12-14 lb bags, and it’s typically a few dollars cheaper in my area. Plus they always have awesome coupons! 🙂

    It’s funny you mention the small breed Simple recipes, Susan. I had never seen them before today, when I scored a 4lb bag of the Salmon and Potato for a whopping $2.48 after clearance and coupons! Then I sign on here today and you’re talking about it lol Guess thats all I’ll ever see of it here, though, as is was the last bag in the store. Bummer, too, because Wellness doesn’t have much in the way of small kibbles that isn’t senior or diet. Ginger does great on Wellness, but I hate to just keep her on the Small Breed Core and Toy Breed Complete Health Adult all the time, and she can’t chew the larger kibbles, even when softened with canned food. Thankfully she doesn’t eat much, so the small bags do last a while with her.

    Gloria, definitely check out the review side of DFA. You’ll find that many foods that used to be really good have gone down the toilet, and the prices have been jacked up. It’s extremely unfortunate for those who remember those days, where picking out a dog food was easy (not that I’m old enough for that, but I’ve heard stories!). You’ll also find other foods that claim to be good as well, when really they’re just a bunch of junk (Diamond brands, Purina and Hill’s are the first that come to mind).

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