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    Kathy N

    We have had extensive blood testing done on our 22 month old Rottweiler who has lost weight, not gained it, over the past six months. His pancreatic functioning appears to check out; they are watching one of his blood plasma levels. He was found to have some hook worms through more advanced testing. No eggs showed up in the fecal sample. He has undergone treatment for that, and will be retested in the next few days. (We are no longer taking him to the dog park where he likely contracted it.) He runs hard playing ball and around the yard throughout the day. He is muscular and fit, but his ribs and spine are visible. At nearly two years of age he weighs only 64 lbs, and is a papered AKC purebred. We are looking for a high protein, grain free food that is available on the remote island of Kauai. I have a list of the the Editor’s choice 5 star rated foods. He may have absorption issues in the small intestine, and may have food allergies. We supplement his diet with hard boiled eggs and small portions human grade meat several times a week. Anyone have any experience in this area?

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    Jane E

    First let me say I have no personal experience with your breed. I own Boxers and they tend to stay lean up until about 3 years old. Lean is preferred over heavy.
    Does he have loose stools or does he throw up from time to time? It is not uncommon for hooks not to show up in a fecal,most of the time the vet does a floatation fecal and they are less than effective,always ask for direct and floatation. I’ll get back with you as to another very accurate test for parasites.
    Did you see his parents? Did their sizes meet breed standard? Was this pup a smaller than average pup in his litter?
    Many times higher protein and a grain free food will make it difficult to put weight on a dog. Although overall I am not a fan of a LOT of grains,it seems that oats are easier than most digest and they add calories and can soothe the gut too.Do you give a good probiotic?
    Alana makes nice foods, several people I have talked to lately are having success with Acana Regional Red (beef). I like Canine Caviar Free Spirit Holistique and First Mate chicken and blueberries. I don’t know if any of these are available locally in your area. Can you order from Chewy or PetFlow? They are fabulous

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    Ask your vet if he needs oxygen & fluid treatments and/or a blood transfusion. Larvae may take many weeks to detect. Keep his bowls, toys and linens constantly washed/bleached. Pick up poop immediately or better yet catch it with a bag. Find a non-dog public park to enjoy. Groom him daily, use a tight flea comb and feet washing especially. And feed ZiwiPeak Daily-Dog Lamb Cuisine Air-Dried Dog Food. Order online if things you need aren’t local.

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    You’d have to give us a list of foods available to you; I doubt any here know what you have available. Do you have a holistic vet available to you?

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    Linda H

    When My rottweiler (mixed) joined us at 5 months, she had some issues. I give her broth with a teaspoon of applecider vinegar every morning and cottage cheese or greek yogurt with a probiotic every afternoon. We feed her orijen, taste of the wild victors, arcana it varies. one cup AM and 1/2 cup 2:00 and one cup PM She is doing well so far and not had any more blood in the urine. They Rx antibiotics several times and I knew that wasn’t the answer.

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    I agree with Jane E that adding a meat based food with some grains would help add some weight. I would actually find a performance food. They tend to have a min of 30% protein, 20% fat, and some grain as a source of energy/carbs. I raise Aussies and these are very high energy working dogs that until about the age of three are really hard to keep weight on without a decent amount of fat in the diet.
    The two that I have had the best luck with are Victors High Pro Plus and Annamaet Ultra. I know Nutrisource has a couple performance foods also.
    Best of Luck!

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