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    I spent a lot of time on these forums when I first got my dog Louie. Everyone was so immensely helpful in transitioning him from the Predigree puppy food his former family was feeding him (at the age of three, no less), and then on to a raw diet and then into a homemade raw diet. Louie and my cat Bocce were both killed when my house burned down in July. He was 8 and she was 1 year old. I hadn’t been to the forums in a while but I went to look up dog foods that I thought to transition him to on the regular site often. Louie was still in spectacular health when he passed away, thanks to everyone here and good genes, probably. It’s been very difficult but I’ve just adopted a new pup named Bolo (he was already named that, but I kept it when I realized it was made up of the first two letters of Bocce and Louie’s names). Rest In Peace and happiness, Louie and Bocce. Miss your furry little faces more and more each passing day <3

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    I’m sorry for your losses.

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    Hi mah4angel-
    That is so sad. My heart is breaking for you. 💔

    Best wishes for you and Bolo. Btw, I think the name is cute.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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