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    Mia F

    Hi! I have a healthy and happy 14 year old shih tzu/jack russell. Right now we have transitioned away from Iams and have started serving her Raised Right’s chicken mix for adult dogs. It’s a perfect fit for us, the only problem is that it’s a little expensive. I’m looking to find a quality cooked food brand to mix with her Raised Right. The problem I’m running into is it seems like all the reputable brands that actually care about dogs only offer raw products. I am not comfortable serving her raw food that is mass-produced, especially given that she is older and her immune system is probably going to decline.

    Thanks for considering this.

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    Foods like The Honest Kitchen and Grandma Lucy’s are cooked and then dehydrated/freeze dried. A lot of dehydrated or freeze-dried products are cooked first.

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    joanne l

    Dr. Harvey’s is another good one. Very nice customer service and great quality. All their food is human grade so it is expensive but worth it. I like it better than the honest kitchen.

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    Mia F

    @pugmomsandy, thanks for replying! They both look like great brands. I like that honest kitchen is human grade, but I’m wary of dehydrated foods. I would prefer if it was freeze-dried and cooked. Grandma Lucy’s looks good, but I’m nervous about grain-free because of this article (

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    Mia F

    @joanne_l thanks for your reply! is there a specific Dr. Harvey’s food that you and your dog like?

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    Just wanted people to be aware.
    Because, this this information may influence your decision.
    Maybe it doesn’t matter to you. But it may matter to some.

    Dr Harvey is a chiropractor. He is not a veterinarian. He is not a veterinary nutritionist.

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