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    Jalan M

    I am a seasonal employee at two separate pet stores, because I live in two locations. One of these is a homegrown independent pet store which I am currently working at and the other a franchised version of a major chain where I work on school breaks. The major chain has started to advertise a dog food brand “Redford Naturals” which I have never heard of and I cannot find any information online about the company other than it is sold at the major chain, so I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the company? The ingredient list on the food is less than impressive, so I was wondering about the company that owns the brand.

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    dino s

    I’m on my first bag of this food and so far my dog loves it! not sure who owns it though. I got it from my local pet store.

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    Mary H

    I just got an advert for this Redford Naturals – and i am researching it now, their packing design however, appears to be a direct rip off from the Orjen brand from Canada.

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    jakes mom

    From the ingredients I’d guess it would rate maybe 3 stars on DFA.

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    Beth L

    I believe Redford Naturals is an original brand of the pet chain Pet Supplies Plus.

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    Kahlin K

    Redford naturals is a pet supplies plus original brand, teamed with a company called CJ Foods. CJ Foods is an industry leader in super premium dog foods, producing specialty diets for companies such as Blue Buffalo, Natures Variety and many more. Probably worth trying despite any DFA rating.

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    Alexander L

    Looking at ingredients and comparing to what would probably be similar brands (such as PetSmart’s Simply Nourish). It looks like it’s Protein/Fat/Carb ratio is better than Simply Nourish. Specifically more protein due to the meals.

    Simply Nourish rated 4.5 stars on DFA, I don’t see why this would rate any lower. It will probably be at 4.5, or 5.

    On another note, I tried the Redford Naturals Grain Free Duck & Potato and my dog seems to like it s lot. It also costs a bit less compared to some other big brands.

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    Amanda L

    Hi all. Currently employed at a pet supplies plus, so I’ll let you all know what’s up with redford. Pretty much this is a low cost high quality food. Ingredient wise, it compared almost word for word to blue Buffalo and other high quality brands of food. Redford is produced in the USA, and the #1 ingredient is always the first meat listed on the bag. Per pound Redford is the better buy, and more options and flavors will be coming out some time this year, as well as a cat food line. Glad to hear it’s working out for your peppers:)

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    AmBuer E

    Hi, my 9 and 6 year old golden retriever girls have been on Blue Buffalo since we brought them home and they never had a problem. We just brought home a baby sister golden retriever for them, and have her on the blue puppy formula. She is having loose stools and going poop about 6 times a day, I’m finding piles all over the places. Makes potty training so hard! My question is I’m not willing to give up on a premium blend, and my girls are picky. So would Redford’s natural be a little easier on my little ones belly because it doesn’t have the life source bits, but still enough to appease the older princesses?? And I see all the protein, calories, fat, etc. is exceptional, but what about the vitamins? Is it maybe a vitamin overload my little one is not liking? And with three babies I like the lower price, and other flavors! Anyone have this issue with Blue? Or switched from Blue to Redfords? Thanks!

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    Alexander L

    Hey, all.

    I was surprised when I was getting notifications about my post from last year.

    To AmBuer E., my dog was originally on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck (shiny green bag). He has been on it ever since my first post last April and doing amazing. I can’t see I see much of a difference in him now versus on the Blue, other than I have saved a few hundred dollars with all of the in store and online coupons specifically for the week (on top of the $10-$15 less per bag compared to the Wilderness!).

    If that helps any?

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    Alexander, you’d have to unclick the “notify me of follow-up replies via email” box below to stop getting notifications.

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    Mary N

    I never heard of it as well.

    You are working in a store that promotes that brand? Maybe you could talk with your supervisor, he should know a bit more about the products in the store.

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    AmBuer E

    Alexander L. As long as it is a premium food I am game to switch, as long as my persnickety girls are in. I really think its the life source bits that are making my baby sick. I never had any issue with Blue with my other girls before. But there will be more in store coupons for redfords, so I’m down! Plus its made right here in Michigan. I guess Blue is made in China??


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    Bobbi L

    I started my collie mix and corgi mix on Redford chicken and potato recipe. They are very picky eaters, but they love this food. They were both having skin issues which have completely cleared in the 10 months on Redford. They have nice solid poops and no anal gland issues, which had been a problem with corgi. I am delighted to find a quality food they will eat.

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    Bobbi L

    started my collie mix and corgi mix on Redford chicken and potato recipe. They are very picky eaters, but they love this food. They were both having skin issues which have completely cleared in the 10 months on Redford. They have nice solid poops and no anal gland issues, which had been a problem with corgi. I am delighted to find a quality food they will eat.

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    Luke B

    How did you find out who manufactures redford naturals dog food? I emailed the company and they refuse to tell me

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    Luke B

    How did you find out who manufacturers Redford Naturals I emailed the PSP company and they refuse to tell me

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    Abby J


    As a manager at a Pet Supplies Plus with extensive experience in pet nutrition, I would say that it is very possible that Blue is too rich for your pups. I have had many people come into my store and switch off of Blue or Orijen/Scans because of loose stools, anal gland issues, etc. These usually arise from a food that is too high in fat or rich proteins for the dog. Many of my customers have switched to Redford, and those problems disappear. It’s all about finding the right proteins for your pup. Nowadays, there are so many food choices, pet owners are overwhelmed. Go to your local PSP and ask for assistance!

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    Abby J

    I assure you, it is nothing like Orijen or Acana.

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    Kathy D

    I started my golden on Redford by mixing with her natural balance which she has been on since a pup. She is 7. She initially had diarrhea which cleared up. After a week I put her on just Redford. She now becomes nauseated every evening, smacking, drooling and eating grass. She has horrible gas and her poops are mushy. I’m thinking it is has to be the food. It has more protein compared to natural balance. Should I give her more time to adjust or go back to mixing and get her back on natural balance. This is very disappointing

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    ashley l

    My dog is 3 1/2, just in this last year she has developed skin allergies and since it hasn’t changed since we moved I’m ruling out environmental… so the more I hear about Blue buffalo the more I want to switch her to see if it helps because she is even on meds to help and its not helping. I want to try this Redford Naturals and I’ll come back and post after a few weeks of her eating it. I’m sure she will transition well since they have the salmon and potato and duck and potato like she likes. Thanks for the information…

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    ashley l

    it’s made in Michigan? Did you find out what company manufactures it?

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    Amanda B

    So i am an employee of Pet Supplies Plus and I have a run down of Reford information. It is made in Kansas not Michigan (It is named after a city in Michigan) It is very similar to Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo and others. It comes in 3 varities (regular, grain-free and LID) (currently) with 2-6 flavors and 4 stages (adult, large breed, small breed and puppy which is available limited with certain varieties) It is all life stages, constantly on sale or has coupons, made and mostly sourced in the United States (lamb is from New Zealand and salmon is from Chile or Canada). If you have questions the employees at Pet Supplies Plus are able to answer most of them (some they may not know or have never been informed of).

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    Paula W

    My dogs love this food. Real meat is the #1 ingredient. The ingredients are comparable to higher priced foods. People are hit or miss with Blue problems, but my vet actually encouraged me to stay away from it based on the patients she sees. I was told they are going to be making cat food next, then soft dog food.

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    s. L

    I have looked every place and can’t find the feeding chart/recommendat ion to see how much you feed, ie; 1/2 cup per ?? Pounds.

    Hoping lady from PSP can answer this. Thinking seriously about switching to Redford.

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    I can’t answer your question, s.L. But the better way is to use the dog food calculator here on DFA. You ned to know your dogs weight and how many kcal per cup of the food.

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    LA S

    I have searched as best I can in the internet for information and reviews about Redford Naturals, and this forum is THE ONLY place I can find! I don’t even have a dog. I have a new shelter kitten, now 14 weeks old. The shelter sent her home with a tiny bag of kitten food by the hill Science Diet. That stuff is way out of my budget. As I’m recently myself on a grain free diet and feeling better than I have in years, I was looking for a grain free, quality food. The Pet Supplies employee showed me the Redford for kittens. I couldn’t believe the price value and really liked what Insaw on the ingredients list. As she’s grown, I now suspect my kitten is a Bengal mix. She’s a handful but well worth the effort. She’s more like a dog than any cat I’ve ever known or seen. There’s nothing aloof about her. Anyway, she loves this food. Her coat sparkles, she’s full of energy, sleeps well during her cat naps, and couldn’t be more delightful. Her stools are normal. She had the smelliest gas when she was eating the Hills Diet, but thankfully that’s not a problem with the Redford. She passes gas on occasion now, which isn’t a big deal. So far I’m impressed with this brand of food. I wonder if there are no internet reviews for it because the company isn’t advertising it. My oet’s well being s good enough for me. Grain free makes sense. My vet told me that grain or meat, it doesn’t matter where our pets get their protein. She must have never read The Plant Paradox like I did recently.

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    Las- unfortunetly vets usually don’t have much of a clue when it comes to nutrition. When it comes to cats they are obligate carnivores. They need to get the majority of their calories from meat. Not plants. So you have the right idea going grain free. Just be sure peas or potatoes aren’t too high. Dogs can be on a grain diet easier than a cat can. Cats need meat to live and anyone that tells you different is wrong. I’ve never really heard of this food but the dry seems to be ok and the pricing is ok as well. Just try and include wet food if possible as cats have a natural low thirst drive and kibble is very low in moisture.

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    I contacted C J foods to see if they make Redford and their reply was they couldn’t disclose. Said some clients say it is ok and others don’t want to disclose the manufacturer. That right there sends a red flag to me because if a company really stands behind their product why wouldn’t they want you to know who manufactures it. So in that response tells me most likely yes because I believe if they didn’t they would say we don’t. I only suspected yes after the person who worked for Pet supply plus said it is produced by CJ foods. Only thing I could find connecting the two. Honestly C J foods mass produces for many pet food companies. Im in favor of sticking to products that are manufactured by the company itself. The two things I look at are who manufacturers the food, where is it manufactured and the ingredients.

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    Elisse A

    My furry friends have been eating Redford’s Chicken and sweet potato recipe for about 6 months now. Switched from Nature’s Variety kibble with raw. Both of them (20 and 3 years old) love Redfords and had no problem with the switch at all.

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    current pet supplies plus employee here, there is not a ton of info out on redford unfortunately (even i want to know more!) of course since it is a pet supplies plus brand, we’re supposed to promote it and recommend it (when appropriate, of course, i’m not gonna force someone feeding raw to buy it!)
    redford has both dog and cat food, and by the end of march all stores should carry canned dog and cat food too! i will admit, it’s not the absolute BEST food you could feed your pet. it was meant to compete with blue and taste of the wild mainly, defintely not top notch dry foods we carry like zignature or orijen! after all, it’s a 50 dollar bag of dog food, not $100. that being said, it’s VERY comprable to blue and taste of the wild in terms of ingredients. where they source them and who manufactures it is still unknown, but i imagine i can’t be worse than their competitors. the big selling points are having the limited ingredient line (grain free, single protein, single carb) and that all of them have the extra omega 3&6s in them to help with skin and coat.
    i’ve only been able to get my hands on the canned dog food, but there’s a loaf and stew version. personally, i would go for the stew over the loaf (your typical paté) if your dog is able to eat/chew it. i found the stews to be very similar to merrick’s wilderness blend at a first glance, but i believe they’re a tad cheaper. the ingredients, again, are pretty comprable to blue or taste of the wild.
    overall, my 3 pups and 3 cats have been loving it and it’s been easy on their bellies to rotate the proteins. they were all on taste of the wild before, and we had no problems, but seeing that redford price tag was pretty appealing and i’ve seen their coats get much softer and shinier (especially in my cats!)
    i’m excited to see how the cat cans turn out, but that’s a whole other topic 🙂
    if you’re thinking about switching, give it a shot! you can always return it (for a full refund) if your pet doesn’t like it or it doesn’t quite agree with them.

    (and for the user talking about the life source bits in blue, sometimes it’s better to pick a kibble that is uniform because you can never get the exact ratio of normal kibble to life source bits that they base the nutrition off of. one day it might be, say 50 life source, the next it could be 15. even small variances can mess with some pups so generally speaking, a uniform kibble could help with that!)

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    jennifer m

    I am hoping to find out more about the nutritional value of Redford Naturals wet cat food (I know this forum is about dog-related issues/topics, but I can’t find any information on Redford anywhere else online, so please indulge me.) Does anyone have any info on the phosphorus levels in the Redford Naturals wet cat food varieties – particularly the sensitive stomach and the senior formulas? Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

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    Manufactured by CJ Foods, Kansas USA
    I’m trying a bag of this Redford Naturals Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice after Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix Adult Dog Food went out of stock in all sizes at , this was alarming when they called to cancel our order and had no explanation.
    We do not switch dog foods unless we need to, but I am very please with this food so far and my dog loves it with a passion (literally). The bag is extremely low odor when opened but the food smells great when they crunch it up.

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    Carla B

    Hello. I have a 6 month Doberman. She intially had some gas issues and mushy stools with purina pro plan. In my search for the right dog food for her, especially with large breed, it was important to me that she not only received the right ingredients, but quality food that was easy for her to digest. After speakong to several of people that had great experiences and having a brand that has been in business for quite some time I tried Redford with chicken. She loves it, her stool is formed, no gas, and she seems to stay full longer. It also helps that her coat is soft amd shiny😊. My 17 pound shitz tzu loves it also. His fur is like cotton.

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    Joe G

    Hello All – I’ve had my 2 year old boxer/staffordshire terrier mix on Redford Naturals lamb and potato for 1.5 years. He eats the food and is one big ball of muscles. He has really nice, solid stools pretty much all the time. When i got him, he was on some crap food and this stuff was recommended by the pet store employee. This food is a bit higher end and my guy seems to be really thriving on it. Good luck with your choice.

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    Robert M

    I have had my cat on Redford grain-free chicken since he was a baby (he’s 8 months so still a baby). He seems to love it and he never has any stomach issues with it. When I was trying different foods when I first got him I saw Redford, and then compared the ingredients with a similar Blue Buffalo chicken bag, and they were almost the same % of protein and everything.

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    Jill C

    I’ve been using Redford Naturals for my puppy about 8 months now. The food he was on when we got him was not agreeing with his stomach and he had loose stools. He hasn’t had any stomach issies on rhe Redford. I’ve tried the lamb, chicken, and now salmon he likes it for about 25lbs worth then starts waiting to eat it? I store in a plastic container not sure it thats it or what it it? So I usually switch the flavor and he’s fine again. Anyone else have this issue that is feeling their dog Redford?

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    Samantha C

    My 1 year old boxer great Dane mix stops eating it after a while too Jill. She is on the salmon and potato flavor. We are also battling recurring ear infections. This is the 6th ear infection since April. I am convinced it’s from the food which is RedFord grain free salmon and potato. She is allergic to beef chicken and pork and duck makes her throw up and have loose stools. Should I try switching to venison or should I just change the brand all together? Has anyone else ever had these issues with Redford?

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    Chronic ear infections are indicative of allergies , also there are other disorders that can cause this.

    For the best testing, diagnostics and treatment options, I would consult a veterinary dermatologist. Diseases. excerpt below
    Otitis externa is the medical term for ear inflammation. Most cases of otitis externa also have an infection that is causing the ear inflammation.
    The structure of the ear in dogs and cats can make them more prone to ear infections. The ear canal in dogs and cats is longer than the ear canal in people. The ear canal is also “L-shaped” with vertical and horizontal parts.
    Because only some dogs and cats develop ear infections, other conditions often contribute to the development of otitis externa and ear infections in your pet. Allergies, parasites, and masses or tumors can all cause ear irritation and infection. Allergies are the most common cause of ear infections in dogs and cats. Since an ear infection can be secondary to an underlying problem, it is often important to diagnose and treat the cause of the ear infection while treating the ear infection.
    An ear infection can develop into a severe health problem for a dog or cat. Left untreated, ear infections can spread deeper into a pet’s ear (middle ear infection) and cause permanent damage to the ear canal (ear canal mineralization). Some chronic ear infections can develop resistance to antibiotics and become untreatable with medications.

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