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    Laurie H

    Hi everyone! I am so glad I found this forum 🙂 I have a Chinese Shar Pei who just turned 1 yr old (yesterday) and she has had recurring yeast infection problems (in ears, mainly and now in the folds of skin near her mouth and between toes) every 2 months since she was 4 months old. My vet gave her some kind of medicine that went in her ears for 2 weeks, and it cleared it up at first, then gave her Chlorpheniramine 4 mg pills to take -I pill 2x daily. She then increased it to 2 pills, 2x daily. Angel has been on Hill’s Science Diet (canned and dry) which I now see could be at least a big factor in this 🙁 We thought it was a good quality food 🙁 Anyway, my vet still thinks it’s just seasonal allergies, not food related. Can anyone tell me appx guess how long it would take (after switching brands) before there might be an improvement? Any and all comments, suggestions, about fighting yeast infections very much appreciated!

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    Laurie H

    Forgot to say outside of these issues, she is very energetic and playful

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    Hi Laurie, my vet said the same thing Patch has seasonal allergies when I first got him, I kept saying maybe its his food, he gets itchy ears, red inbetween his toes & a rash on his chest when I feed him potatos. Patch cant eat Potatos, sweet potatos & now I think chicken as he starts to get hive like lumps under his skin after eating chicken I kept thinking it was from our walks the hive like lumps but this winter he has had his lumps so I started an elimination diet thats when I found he cant have potatos, sweet potatos, you need a low carb diet, yeast loves carbs….Karen Becker has a video how you have to starve the yeast, also I soak his paws in betadine antiseptic or the Detol antiseptic lotion its cheaper & does the same thing kills the yeast inbetween his toes, they smell like corn or a yeasty bread shop.. You dont say which Hills Angel is on, if its the Z/d….

    When you change their food if ur slowly introducing the new food it takes maybe 2-3 weeks to start seeing results, with Patch if I stop a food thats making him itch I see results 1-2 days, they stop scratching, their paws aren’t red & Patch stops scratching his ears & shaking his head..thats when I know when he starts shaking his head & shaking his ears something that he has eatin isnt agreeing with him..
    The Holistic Select Anchovy, sardines & salmon meal is suppose to be good & it has no potatos like alot of the grainfree kibbles have..Patch is on the Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal limited ingredients, he’s going OK so far but when I started him on the Wellness Simple Duck & oatmeal after 3 weeks he started shaking his ears & head I looked at the ingredients again & I saw Potato Protein as soon as I stopped the Duck & Oatmeal he stopped shaking his ears then I started the Lamb & Oatmeal & he’s not shaking his ears…
    I forgot is Angel on a good dog Probiotic for her stoamch & bowel?

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    It should be apparent that your dog is improving within the first week or so, but it can take 10 or so weeks for all symptoms to clear. With recurrant yeast infections, you should definitely suspect food allergies and you should also definitely add probiotics and digestive enzymes to each meal for a while. For many dogs with yeast, going as low carb as possible is beneficial, because one of the types of yeast that cause these problems feed off starch in the diet. Good luck. This is a beast of an issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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