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    a c


    Can you please recommend any meat base, low fat, and non grain free kibbles with at least 4* for senior dogs with pancreatitis history? I am looking for something with less peas, chickpeas, lentils…

    They are currently on a plant base, grain free, and 5* kibbles as a base. I want to rotate them with another brand.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I may be wrong but I don’t think there are any grain inclusive foods that are meat based and 4*

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    Hi a c-
    I have fed my two large golden labs Authority’s GNC Healthy Weight & Joint (not rated on this site yet), Victor Sr/Weight, Fromm Gold Healthy Weight, and Pro Plan Lg Br Weight formulas all with good results.

    They all are grain inclusive. Maybe one of these would work for you!

    *Edit* Another one I’ve thought about trying is Eagle Pack’s reduced fat food!

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    a c

    Hi Crazy4cats, Thank you for the recommendation.

    I have small breed dogs. I will check out Victor Sr/Weight or Fromm Gold Healthy Weight. I am currently using Annamaet GF Lean low fat kibbles as a base.

    What do you think of Wellness Core reduced fat? It’s GF. However, Peas are listed as 5th ingredient.

    I still don’t understand why kibbles can have 50+ ingredients. It’s so complicated. I personally like to have my food in simple forms. Lol

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    I agree! But, it seems like the fewer the ingredients, the higher the price. Maybe they need all the ingredients to meet AAFCO’s nutrient guidelines using food rather than supplements? Idk.

    I’d like to make more homemade diets using Balanceits’s recipes, but just never seem to get around to it. 😏

    I haven’t checked out the Wellness Core you mentioned. That line is a little too pricey. But, others have mentioned really liking it. Eagle Pack is made by the same company though. Fromm has a couple weight management formulas. The poultry one is Fromm Gold, the seafood is Fromm Gold Coast. They are both a little high in fiber, 7%, I believe. My dogs do well with that. Some dogs do not. I wouldn’t want to go any higher though. High fiber can interfere with dog’s anility to absorb all the nutrients.

    Good luck on your quest for a second food!

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    a c

    Thank you for the information. I haven’t try Fromm or Eagle Pack before. My senior dogs probably shouldn’t have high fiber. They are getting digestive enzyme and twice a week probiotics. I use the kibbles as the base and I add either can food, fresh vegetable, sardines, or other homemade food to the kibbles for the additional nutrition and flavor.

    I will check out Balanceit’s receipes. I got a few receipes from Karen Becker’s book. I like to keep it as simple as possible.😀 I don’t usually use more than 2-3 ingredients for my own food.

    I may give Wellness Core a try because it’s available in many local stores and my small breed dogs don’t eat a lot.

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    You choose the ingredients and the amount of protein and fat you want on balanceit’s site. They then calculate how much of each you need then determine which and how much of their supplement you need to make it complete and balanced.

    Good luck with the Wellness Core!

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